23 Sep 2020

Announcement on the removal of 'Damage Skin Save Scroll' and provision of 'Save Damage Skin Slot'

Dear Maplers,

With effect from 23rd September 2020, Damage Skin Save Scrolls will be removed and replaced with Save Damage Skin Slots.

Any stored Save Damage Skin Scroll(s) in your inventories will be deleted during the server patch update.

Affected players will be compensated with the following items through the Reward Box system according to the number of scrolls that they had.
• Damage Skin Save Scroll Transfer Coupon
• Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon

Players will have until 22nd October 2020, 2359hrs (GMT+8) to claim these items from the Reward Box.

Affected Users
- Characters who have Damage Skins stored in Damage Skin Save Scroll(s)

Removed Items
- Unlimited Save Damage Skin Scroll
- Damage Skin Save Scroll

Compensation Items

Reward Collection & Claim Period
1) Log in with the character who has Damage Skin(s) saved in Damage Skin Save Scroll(s)
2) Click the Reward Box icon on the left of your screen.
3) Redeem the ‘Damage Skin Save Scroll Transfer Coupon’ and ‘Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon’ items from the Reward Box system.

* Claim Period: 23 September 2020 (after maintenance) ~ 22 October 2020, 2359hrs
* Item Duration: available until 23 October 2020, 2359hrs

Note: Items that are not claimed or used before the expiry will be deleted, so please be reminded to use them.

We will always do our best to provide a more pleasant and enjoyable Mapling experience.

- MapleSEA Administrator