22 Jan 2014

Release of Tradeblocked Accounts for Artemis Gateway

Dear Maplers,

Here’s a quick update on what we have implemented this time round:

• We’ve removed tradeblock for ALL players on the Artemis Gateway! You can start playing MapleSEA as per normal. If you’ve been tradeblocked, you’d notice that you can start trading and progress with your game.

• Similar to the removals last week for Ares gateway, we have identified potentially duped items and removed them from inventories of players who were being investigated.

• We have taken into consideration that some of the items in your inventories may have been legit. However, due to system limitations, we are unable to do a partial quantity removal. Henceforth, please do not be alarmed if you do not see all your items in your inventory. We will implement a fix in the following week to credit these items back to you. Do note that mule accounts will have their inventories wiped of all items which has been identified as potentially duped. All decisions by the management are final and not open to appeals for leniency.

• Please understand that these actions are essential for us to maintain overall balance of the game’s economy.

• We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you once again, in-game.

– MapleSEA Administrator