31 Jul 2018

Onwards to a Greater MapleSEA!

Dear Maplers,


As MapleStorySEA continues to progress on with more and more updates, there has also been an increase in botting activities in the game to the plight of many of our players.

As of recent, we've decided to ramp up on placing tighter measures in our efforts to combat this never-ending plague in our game. Unfortunately, this may have resulted in some of our normal users being suspended alongside for setting off the elevated bot detection criteria that has been put in place.

All such suspensions will only be lifted by getting your identity and account ownership verified; this is because we need to make sure that your accounts are not being compromised and/or used for malicious purposes.

As such, players that are affected are advised to proceed to the following link, and help us submit the necessary information required so that we will be able to escalate the verification process to get your access back at the soonest possible time:


As a gentle reminder, as per Asiasoft and Nexon's regulations, we do not encourage the usage of 3rd party programs in our games. To avoid getting blocked or suspended from the game, all players are advised to turn off your VPN services before accessing the game. Please also be reminded that each person may only have one Asiasoft Passport account and that account sharing is not condoned.

We are committed to delivering a better gaming experience to all players, if not the best, therefore we need your reports to help weed botters out from the game and make MapleStorySEA a better place for the entire community. Do lend us a hand, and report any suspicious botting activity to us here:


Together we can make MapleStorySEA great again!

-MapleSEA Administrator