12 Jun 2021

NEO DMT Advisory: Updated Event Schedule

Dear Maplers,

In order to reduce stress on the servers and the likelihood of unwanted server disconnections, we have decided to extend today's Double Miracle Time period from 2 hours, to 12 hours with an additional bonus of 1 extra hour - that means 13 total hours (only for today)!!


Date : Saturday, 12th June 2021
Time : 1101hrs ~ 2359hrs (GMT +8)

With this we hope to distribute the load and traffic more sporadically spaced out as players will now be able to enjoy the event in a longer timeframe without the need to rush.

However, as previously announced in the event news, there is a known issue where during the Double Miracle Time period in V205, you have to click your mouse anywhere on the MapleStorySEA window to be able to use any hotkey again after changing maps.

You are advised not to:
- Do anything that requires extensive control during the event period.
- When switching maps (e.g. between Polo/Frito), be sure to click anywhere within the client window to be able to continue using your hotkeys.

Unfortunately, with the extension of the Double Miracle Time event period, this also means that this issue will also be prolonged for the same period of time. We are regretful and sorry for the inconveniences that may be caused due to the known issue above.

To visit the event page, please click here.