10 Feb 2022

An Update regarding Mochi War Arcane Symbol Compensation

Dear Maplers,

Following the recent fix on the missing bonus symbols for Enheim Defense and Protect Esfera contents, we would first like to apologize to our players for not catching this bug early before Mochi Paradise went live.

Upon receiving reports from our players, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that a fix would be implemented as soon as possible to enable everyone to get the most experience out of Mochi Paradise.

Next, with the issue of missed out symbols for players who have added the Mochi War skill early on and carried out the daily quests, we have identified the affected users and shall be issuing the appropriate compensation accordingly.

All affected users will be credited with Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon based on their clear counts of Enheim Defense and Protect Esfera via the Reward box on the left of their screen from 11th February 2022, 1000hrs (GMT+8). Do note that the claim period will be from 11th February 2022, 1000hrs until 25th February 1000hrs (GMT+8). These Selective Arcane Symbol Coupons will last 7 days upon claiming from the Reward Box.

We hope that you can continue to support and trust in us as we continue to improve our game service towards providing the best Mapling experience for you!

-MapleSEA Administrator