31 Dec 2013

MapleSEA Server Status Update as of 31st December 2013

Dear Maplers,

We understand that all of you are eager on getting back on MapleSEA and play the game as smoothly as possible. The purpose of this post is to share the latest update on what we are doing to fix any pertaining issues on MapleSEA service. We at Asiasoft are doing our best to support MapleSEA and its community. Please be assured that we are aware that a great deal of MapleSEA players are experiencing issues with the game and resolving them is our top priority.

Below is the list of known issues with their statuses and the link detailing on every issue. (INVESTIGATING means that we are aware of the issue and working to find the cause of the issue. FIXING means that we have identified the cause of the issue and working on the fix, as well as testing the fix before we proceed with it. FIXED ON [DATE] means that we have fixed the issue and it has been implemented on the stated date.)

Random Server Restarts Issue (FIXED ON 23-12-2013) –
Loss of Items During Rollbacks (INVESTIGATING) –
Connectivity Issue (INVESTIGATING) –
Items Duping Issue (INVESTIGATING) –

This post will be updated regularly. We encourage Maplers to assist us in reporting any additional bugs and/or issues other than above-mentioned ones via iBox. You can find a quick link to iBox in our info bar.

Additionally, as a follow-up to our initial reimbursement, please do check out our Reimbursement FAQ page (hot-linked in our info bar as well) for the latest updates on the second phase of individual reimbursement for affected players.

We appreciate all the patience, understanding and support shown to us during this time, and will continue assisting players through this tumultuous period.

Thank you,

MapleSEA Administrator