31 Dec 2013

Follow up phase for Rollback Reimbursement

Dear Maplers,

To follow-up with our reimbursement plan, we would like to gather more information from Maplers who lost their items due to the rollback issues occurred from 19th till 27th December 2013. Kindly ibox in your IGNs, Items Lost Due to Rollback, Maple ID and World by 5th January 2014, 23:59 (GMT +8), in the following format:

Items Lost Belonged to IGN:
Maple ID of IGN:
World of IGN:
Date encounter the rollback:

If you own multiple IGNs in MapleSEA, please list down all IGNs which lost their items during rollback.

For example: Mapler A (Maple ID: Dinner888) has 2 Characters in MapleSEA. One is in Aquila (IGN: Lunch123) and one is in Bootes (IGN: Breakfast456). Both of them lost multiple items due to rollback on 19th December 2013. Here’s how Mapler A should send her report to ibox:

IGN#1: Lunch123
Items Lost Belonged to IGN#1: Lionheart Battle Helm and Timeless Blindness
Maple ID of IGN#1: Dinner888
World of IGN#1: Aquila
Date encounter the rollback: 19th Dec 2013

IGN#2: Breakfast456
Items Lost Belonged to IGN#2: Divine Bird, Ryu Ho and Draco
Maple ID of IGN#2: Breakfast456
World of IGN#2: Bootes
Date encounter the rollback: 19th Dec 2013

All information received will be forwarded to Nexon for their verification and action. We will do our utmost to reimburse as many of the items lost due to the rollbacks, although full reimbursement may vary from player to player.

We thank you again for your kind patience and understanding throughout this period as we work hard to address and resolve these issues!

– MapleSEA Administrator