26 Dec 2018

Explanation on Starry Meowmas Event and 30d 2X EXP Coupons

Dear Maplers,

We hope that you have been enjoying your Christmas holidays, both in the virtual world and in real life. We only wish that we had longer holidays, and cold winter season complete with snow blizzards! Still waiting for the weather to go crazy enough to make this wish into a reality.

Anyway, we would like to address several questions that have been making quite the buzz in the community today.

Starry Meowmas Event

We have received many inquiries on the mechanics, and it appears that it is kind of fuzzy and unclear to some. So, for the benefit of everyone who has asked (or intends to ask), we will accept transactions made with pure Maple Cash, partial Maple Cash, or Maple Points. All special items announced need to be purchased in full (total of 10 different items from 25th till 31st December 2018). Since most of you were not sure about the mechanics, players who purchased only 1 White Cube, or only 11 White Cubes, on 25th December will still be regarded as eligible. You may make your purchases using any character within the same MapleID on different days, you are not restricted to a single character.

Removal of 30 days 2X EXP Coupon from Cash Shop

This is to facilitate an upcoming revamp of EXP-related cash coupons, that is planned to be implemented in the next patch update. Since the update will be here in less than a month, it is of vital importance that we remove the said EXP coupons from the current shop so that there will not be any critical bugs or mismatched coding that may occur when the update patch is upon us. There will be new EXP coupons in the Cash Shop in the next patch but at the moment we are unable to share much details at this point in time. For now, you will still be able to purchase and use other EXP coupons that are available in the Cash Shop. There is also an ongoing 2X EXP & Drop event nightly from 9pm to 11pm, ending on 30th December 2018.

We would like to express our gracious thanks to the players who brought these topics to our attention, and asked for clarity. We sincerely apologize for the confusion (and panic to a certain extent), and for the inconveniences that may have been caused by our lack of information. We appreciate the feedback coming in for our improvement.

Sincerely yours,