23 Apr 2014

Easter Event Reward Issue


Dear Players,

After checking on the “bugged” Bunny Disguise III mask item which was given as a reward for completing our recent Easter Bunny Hunt event, it has been concluded that the item is functioning abnormally. Therefore, the developers are planning on taking the items back from all users (whether redeemed or unredeemed), and replace them with a fixed version of the item. This process will take place during the next server maintenance, and players on the rewards list will receive a clean in-game Bunny Disguise III mask equipment as originally intended.

In light of this, we wish to advise all players not to scroll, flame or pot the Bunny Disguise III mask that you have redeemed. To players who have scrolled their item before 6.30PM (GMT+8) 23rd April 2014, kindly send us an IBox report for further assistance on the matter.

We wish to respectfully inform that players who have scrolled the item after we have advised against making any alterations to it, shall not be eligible for any compensation. Kindly refer to our Facebook post for the earlier announcement.

As for players who did not receive any reward despite completing the task and fulfilling the criteria, kindly IBox us with your IGN and World, so that we may check on the matter in preparing for the next round of crediting.

Please accept our apologies for all inconveniences caused.

-MapleSEA Administrator