23 Sep 2020

Deletion of Inactive Characters

Dear Maplers,

Your community feedback matters a lot to us at PlayPark. As part of our continuous efforts to streamline and improve your gameplay experience, the team has been hard at work reviewing possible next steps.

Aside from frequent in-game policing, the team has noticed a large amount of dormant characters. This translates to database memory we could possibly free up to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.

As you may have speculated, there is soon to be a majorly anticipated update coming to MapleStorySEA, and this exercise will ensure that we at PlayPark can continue to bring you the very best.

Please refer to the comprehensive criteria and exemption details below and what you could do before the exercise.

23rd September 2020

Accounts which will be affected/ marked for deletion:
• Characters which are level 61 and below and have not been logged into since 1st of January 2017, 0000 hours (GMT +8).

23rd September till 11th November 2020

Here’s what you can do to retain your characters should they meet the criteria above:
• Anytime during the aforementioned time frame, log into your MapleSEA account, select a world and ensure that you are within the character selection screen. From here, all characters within the screen and in other worlds will be unmarked and safe from deletion.

Step by step:

1) Log into MapleSEA

2) Select your world and channel

3) You should be taken to the character selection screen. If you were previously marked as inactive, you will see this popup message.

And that’s it, all characters previously marked for deletion due to absent log-in activity are now safe! This step covers all characters seen in the current screen and in other worlds.

*These steps only need to be done once per MapleID.

11th November 2020

All inactive characters, which have not been logged into since 1st of January 2017 0000 hours (GMT +8), which have not been unmarked by the previous steps as indicated above will be deleted.


Maplers who meet one or more of the following, will be automatically exempted from this exercise.
• Level 62 and above
• Currently holding Guild Master or Junior Guild Master positions
• Stored items at Auction House
• Stored items with NPC Frederick

*A gentle note that if you have been a frequent Mapler, you are automatically exempted from this exercise and have nothing to worry about.

» FAQs

Q: What if I have cash items and my character was deleted because I missed the announcement?
A: Not to worry, any existing cash items will be moved to your cash wardrobe which you may continue to utilize for your other unaffected characters.

Q: Why level 61 and below?
A: Level 61 is the minimum level required for participation in in-game events.

We hope to see you soon in game for the upcoming content updates which are underway (and hugely exciting)!
Should there be further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our community pages or iBox channel!

- MapleSEA Administrator