04 Nov 2020

Closure of Stellar Detectives and Alishan Content

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that the Stellar Detectives and Alishan content will be removed from MapleStorySEA on 11th November 2020. In accordance with our ongoing content improvement plans and our Vom Vom Project (Voice of Maplers), less popular content will gradually be removed and replaced with better content in the future.

As such, players who are still holding onto Stellar Detective currencies (Zero-Point Energy Module, Clone DNA, PULSAR Medallion, PULSAR Jewel) as well as Alishan Coins, are advised to utilize them before our AWAKE update patch on 11th November 2020.

All equipment which you have received from these contents such as Stellar Detectives rings will not be deleted (for example 'Sturdy Krrr Ring'). Other items such as quest items, will be rendered useless after the content removal.

With effect from 11th November 2020 onwards, all related quests will be removed:
  • [Stellar Detectives] The Erased Diary
  • [Stellar Detectives] Thinking Outside the Hypercube
  • [Alishan] Spirit’s Whisperer
  • [Alishan Daily Quest] Alishan’s Guardian
  • [Alishan Daily Quest] Wild Life
  • [Alishan Daily Quest] Natural Fashion

    After their removal, you can no longer access both the Stellar Detectives and Alishan contents.
    • The light bulb on the left will no longer have the related quest to teleport you to the Stellar Detectives content.
    • Maple Guide will no longer display the Stellar Detectives content.
    • Dimensional Mirror will no longer display the pathway to Alishan.

    Thank you.