25 Jun 2015

Clarifications on urgent server check on 24th June 2015

Dear Maplers,

Yesterday, selected game accounts were suspended during our server check for suspicious in-game activities between 22-23 June 2015 (GMT +8).

1) Log outs and Bans
This morning, we have identified accounts that were clear and will be releasing the bans within today.
Maplers who are in this category will receive a token of apology from Nexon for the uninformed ban.
Our system will be scanning and removing any items that have been acquired from illegal or improper means between 22-23 June 2015.
Some of the items include, scrolls like Unique Potential Scrolls, Clean Slate Scrolls and equipment such as Lightning God Ring.

2) Pop-up Ban Message
Many of the banned players were shown a popup notification which stated that they had been banned because of the use of curses or obscene messages.

We hereby inform everyone that the auto-triggered message may have been inaccurate for many who were affected by the ban.

With regards to the two issues above, we would like to encourage Maplers who are unable to retrieve their accounts by the end of the day to check with iBox on the status of their ban. We will double-check with our system on the activities from your game account and inform you on the progress of the check when possible.

MapleStory SEA aims be a community-loving environment to groom and encourage sharing and fair play in-game and outside of the game. We would like to take this opportunity to urge Maplers to refrain from exploiting the game to gain a better ground and to remind all on the severity and effect of their actions on other Maplers.

Let’s continue our efforts in up-keeping a peace-loving and friendly game culture in MapleStory SEA.

3) Reimbursement for released players
- 1x EXP Coupon 1 day
- 1x Twin Coupon 1 day
- Both item will be credited during the next server check

4) Reimbursements for the urgent server check on 24th June and 2nd password issue on 25th June
- Still in discussions. To be announced.

Thank you and happy Mapling!