12 Mar 2014

Character Stuck Issues

Dear Maplers,


With regards to the issue of characters getting stuck in-game across servers, kindly be informed that we have recently implemented a fix after the recent server check.

We seek your cooperation as we continue to keep a close eye on the situation at hand. If you are still experiencing character stuck issues, please do not hesitate to submit an iBox ticket to us with the following information provided:

• Map
• World
• Approximate Time Of Getting Stuck
• Activities you were doing right before your character was stuck (e.g random farm visiting in Monster Life, fighting Chaos Zakum expedition, stuck in [IGN]‘s shop etc)

We understand that playing time is precious for everyone and we have no intentions to cause any inconvenience to our players. Rest assured that we are working closely with the developers to resolve any further problems that have arisen from this issue.

We wish you all to have a pleasant experience in MapleSEA.

– MapleSEA Administrator