24 May 2020

A Message From CM Astrea : Regarding Aquila Server Issues on 23rd May 2020

Dear Aquilians,

First off, thank you very much for being so patient late last night as we worked to bring the game service back to normal.

To shed some light on the issue that occurred, we suffered a critical server overload that escalated into a cascade of server errors. This pushed Aquila into a state of rollback, and repair works have since then been ongoing.

We are aware of the efforts you have made in progressing through the game, and we definitely hate for this to go to waste. We are currently in discussions with the developer team on the compensations that will be distributed in phases over the next couple of weeks. We will post an update again regarding this once everything has been finalized.

We are terribly sorry for the extreme inconveniences and losses that have resulted from this incident. We can only hope that it will not wear down your desire to continue Mapling, and to give us another chance.

Sincerely yours,