16 Dec 2020

An Update from the Administrator

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that Bebe's Purple Boxes has been sent to the residents of Bootes who were online during the server crash incident on 12th December 2020. Only MapleIDs with online activity clocked between 0005hrs to 0020hrs (GMT+8) are eligible.

Affected Bootes players may retrieve this package via the Reward Box on the left side of the screen (just below the Mileage icon) from 16th December until 23rd December 2020.

Additionally, we are also aware that some users may have experienced a rollback of progress or items during the said period. We recommend that those who were affected should file an iBox report as soon as possible as we will be addressing these issue on a case by case basis.

Issue with Heroes of Maple coupon

We were notified previously that the Label and Quote rings coupon from Heroes of Maple were giving out the incorrect item when used. Hence, we have fixed the issue on 4th December 2020.

Users who have used the coupons and claimed the incorrect items will have these removed from their inventories, with the exception of items already placed in the Auction House. A new Heroes of Maple Coupon will be reimbursed for every incorrect item that was deleted and will be available to claim for 4 weeks via the reward box from 16th December 2020 onwards.

Users that have yet to use the coupons will receive the correct item as intended from today onwards.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

- MapleSEA Administrator