03 Dec 2018

A Message on Known Issues

Dear Maplers,

First and foremost, the team and I would like to thank all of you for the love and support that you have been showing to us, even during the days when everything seems to be falling apart. Our primary goal has always been to deliver you a game that you can enjoy playing with your friends and family, and foster even more friendships within. MapleStorySEA is one of such games that can be played and enjoyed by everyone, both young and old, and it was the vibrant colors and fun social aspect that drew all of us on the Maple team to the game in the first place, more than 10 years ago.

Today, we would like to acknowledge the recent uproar circulating within the MapleSEA community in reaction towards some of the content in our Black Mage update, and to a certain extent, the community's dissatisfaction at some of the decisions that we have made.

Memory Leak Issue

The #1 trending topic in MapleSEA since our September content update. Also our most critical and high priority issue. We know that everyone who has faced this problem is surely vexed and annoyed at the frequent disconnections at the most inopportune time in the game. It has been a great bane to all those affected, especially the bossing parties.

We have been aware of the issue's existence since it was reported back in v179. To our frustrations, we were not able to replicate the problem that seemed to grow bigger day by day. The programmers and developers have been constantly trying to identify the real cause of the issue, but to no avail.

Thinking that the new version build of v180 would be able to address the issue, we looked forward very much to our Black Mage patch day. However, to our dismay it became evident that the problem still persisted. This time, we were somehow fortunate that one of our colleagues (not so fortunate for her) too encountered the symptoms of a memory leak in the game. We have since then been using her game client and laptop as a 'lab rat' in our quest to find a fix for once and for all. Once a workable solution has been identified on our end, we will need another patch and a fresh full client for everyone to download. We seek your kind patience and understanding while we continue to investigate the issue.

Changes to Kanna's Kishin Shoukan

The next hot topic that has been in almost everyone's discussion boards. We know that the general populous' reaction to the decrease in Kishin Shoukan's spawn time were largely, if not fiercely, negative. Much to the chagrin of our players, GlobalMS released a statement that the changes to their version of the Kishin Shoukan was unintended and thus will subsequently be reverted. Many of you were under the impression that we too would do the same.

However, the changes applied in our service were indeed intended. We have received numerous feedback through the Voice of Maplers Project regarding the previous state of the skill, including requests to adopt the JapanMS standards for Kanna. After making comparisons with other MapleStory services, the team decided to agree with the developers recommendations to match the rate of JapanMS' Kishin.

We also heard that many players felt as though the universal mob spawn rate in training fields has been nerfed. This is not true, mob spawn rates remain the same as they were before this patch.

Having said that, the team is thinking of reworking the universal spawn rates in a manner that would benefit all and to repopulate the less popular regions or maps in the near future. Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration as we plan this, while taking care not to break the game balance and stability for current and future contents.

17 Nov Double Miracle Time rates

We are aware of the claims of distorted rates surrounding the recent DMT. These allegations are falsely inflated; related codes were not changed or 'nerfed' as many have put it. Each type of cube has it's own probability rate independant of others, however the failure rates may have appeared to be more pronounced as a result of the removal of all other cubes except Red and Black. We understand that most players were inclined to believe the claims that were circulating in common groups, which in turn led us to double-check with our developers on DMT event related mechanics. We would like to assure all players that everything was confirmed to be in order.

Latency while entering Cash Shop

There has been several feedback regarding a 20-30 seconds delay while attempting to enter the Cash Shop. The issue has been ongoing for a couple of weeks before we were able to identify the reason. The team discovered that the Cash Shop is hard-coded to connect to a server which we had removed during the recent server upgrade and expansion operation, thus making the game client try to reach the removed server before eventually giving up and finally connect to the shop server. This issue requires a full patch to resolve. We would like to ask you to please bear with us between now and then.

Outdated Hall-of-Shame and Botters

Some players have been criticizing MapleStorySEA admins for the lack of ban lists updates in our Hall-of-Shame section at our official website. The publishing of ban lists were discontinued as the lists grew longer and longer. We had gathered feedback from some of our more veteran players in the community, and the answer was the same: the general consensus was that no one would be interested to read through a list of a few thousand IGNs. Despite the lists not being published on the website, bans on botters are still regularly conducted. Eradicating rampant botting activity has been one of the team's priority all this while, as we have reason to believe that these contribute to the lag and latency, up to a certain extent, in the game.

Last, but not least, while we understand the importance of transparency to the community, there are limitations and boundaries as to what details, if any, can be communicated, and when. However, this does not mean that we do not acknowledge the issues that matter most to you. All important issues do get escalated to the relevant departments for further follow-up action. So do keep your feedback coming, and we will try our best to improve on being better at communication.

Sincerely yours,