07 Jun 2024

A Warm Welcome to Our New Community Moderator: CM TokkiBear!

Hey Maplers!

We are thrilled to officially introduce a new face to our MapleStorySEA team – the one and only TokkiBear! 🐰🐻

You might have noticed her lurking around your Discord channels, but now it's time to give her the warm welcome she truly deserves. Here’s a little more about TokkiBear, so you can get to know her better.

image “I chose the name Tokki Bear because I love animals, especially rabbits and bears. Combining them felt like a spontaneous and fun choice. Plus, using 'Tokki' – the Korean word for rabbit – adds a unique twist!"
image "I've been playing MapleStory on and off for about 5 years. It's been an amazing journey, and I'm excited to bring my passion and experience to the community."
image "What I love most about MapleStory is making friends with similar interests. The Fashion Story and the gameplay are also big highlights for me – they keep me coming back for more!"
image "I absolutely love fruity-flavored drinks and bubble tea. When it comes to food, I can't get enough of beef, pork, and chicken. Apples and mangos are my go-to fruits, and a hot pot meal is always a treat!"
image "Aside from MapleStory, I enjoy playing RPG games. I'm also a big anime fan, with Demon Slayer being my favorite. Watching movies like Ratatouille and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse and shopping are some of my other favorite pastimes."
image "Japan is my favorite country. I love its rich culture and the amazing experiences it offers."
image "My main goal as your community moderator is to gather valuable feedback and address your concerns to make MapleStory more enjoyable for everyone, both online and offline."

We are thrilled to have CM TokkiBear officially join our MapleStorySEA team. She’s here to listen, engage, and make your MapleStory experience even better!

Let’s give CM TokkiBear a warm welcome and don’t hesitate to reach out to her on the MapleStorySEA Community Discord channels. She’s excited to connect with all of you!

Welcome to the team, TokkiBear!

- MapleStorySEA Administrator