14 Mar 2022

An Update Regarding the Intermittent Service Disruptions On 12th March 2022

Dear Maplers,

Following the recent intermittent service disruption that was faced over the weekend, please allow us to extend our humblest apology for any inconveniences caused towards your gameplay experience.

Our relevant teams has been working tirelessly over the weekend to find the root cause of the problem and are still hard at work to rectify the problem to ensure our Maplers could get back the smooth gameplay you deserve.

As promised, we will be rolling out 2 different tiers of compensations to affected Maplers. More details listed below:

Tier 1: For Maplers affected by lag issues right after our network maintenance on 9th March (players with at least 1 login activity after the maintenance until 2359hrs (GMT +8), 10th March 2022)
  • Bebe's Green Box x1
  • Growth Potion Coupon x1

  • Tier 2: For Maplers affected by the series of disconnections and lag spikes on 11th March, up till the urgent server check on 12th March 2022.
  • Bebe's Purple Box x1
  • 3x EXP Coupons x5
  • Maximum Growth Potion x1
  • Growth Potion Coupon x1
  • Selectable Symbol Exchange Coupon x1

  • * Note:
  • If you have logged in during both scenarios, Tier 2 will take priority and you will only receive Tier 2 compensation.
  • Claim period: Now until 21st March 2022, 1200hrs (GMT 8).
  • There will be no reimbursements for unclaimed items after the claim period has ended.

    We would also like to thank players for all their support through this period of time by having a special daily login event.

    For each day that you login to the game between 14th to 20th March 2022, you may claim 2X EXP Coupons x4 from the Reward Box icon.

    We thank you for your kind understanding and support as we work towards providing a better Mapling experience for you.

    -MapleSEA Administrator