28 Dec 2022

@Cash Price Revision from 1 January 2023

Dear Maplers,

In view of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate adjustment from 7% to 8% in Singapore, with effect from 1 January 2023, we would like to inform all Maplers that there will be adjustments to the prices of @Cash purchases.

All @Cash purchase prices in MSPassport will be adjusted to reflect the new GST rate on 1 January 2023

DenominationPrice (SGD)
Current1 Jan 2023 onwards
10,000 @Cash10.7010.80
20,000 @Cash21.4021.60
30,000 @Cash32.1032.40
50,000 @Cash53.5054.00
80,000 @Cash85.6086.40
100,000 @Cash107.00108.00
200,000 @Cash214.00216.00

For more information regarding the GST rate change, please visit the link here.

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator