26 Jul 2017

Follow Up Actions Taken on Abuse/Exploit of Festival Sugar Time Event

Dear Maplers,

We'd like to announce that investigations have been concluded.

The following actions will be or have been implemented as of 1400hrs (GMT +8):

• Accounts that were suspended have been sorted into 3 Categories:

        » Set For Immediate Release
        Accounts that fall into this category have been released as of 26th July 2017, 1400hrs (GMT +8)

        » 5-Day Suspension
        Accounts that fall into this category will be released by 28th July 2017, 1500hrs (GMT +8)

        » 7-Day Suspension
        Accounts that fall into this category will be released by 30th July 2017, 1500hrs (GMT +8)

All Maple Point rewards obtained from the event have been voided, and removed from the game as accordingly

• Players who may have further issues and concerns, can do so by submitting an iBox Ticket, and we will try our best to address them on a case-by-case basis

Meanwhile, during this period of time, we have also found traces of items being duplicated in game. As it is our priority to ensure that the game health and economy remains stable, all illegally generated items created between 27th and 29th June 2017 have been removed from the game. Accounts that were caught breaching this offence have been permanently banned.

As an ending note, we would like to apologize for any shortcomings on our end with regards to the Festival Sugar Time event, as well thank everyone for their understanding and support.

We do sincerely hope that our players will still continue to look forward to participating in more events in the future.

- MapleSEA Administrator