10 Aug 2021

A Message From CM Astrea : 2nd Password Security Added To Storage NPC

Hello Maplers,

We would like to bring your attention to a new function added to the Storage NPC in the game.

With effect from the V207 patch content update on 11th August 2021, all Storage NPC in MapleStorySEA will have a 2nd Password Security function.

We have received feedback from players whom may have mistakenly identified both NPCs, or have muscle memory reflexes that are faster than the eye, so we have decided to add the 2nd Password Security function to the Storage NPC so that there will be no mistaken identity from here onwards. You will now need to input your 2nd password when accessing the Storage/Banker NPC.


We regret to inform that items lost by way of accidental or unintentional sale to NPC will not be reinstated or compensated.


Here are some examples of Storage NPCs and Shop NPCs located next to each other on certain maps:

How to use a Shop NPC

  • Shop NPCs can be found in all major towns, and some special maps.
  • They are easily identifiable by their UI, with prominent Buy and Sell buttons, as well as a list of items being sold by the NPC, showing their respective prices.
  • You may purchase any of the items sold by selecting the item and clicking on the button or by double-clicking on the item.
  • You may also sell items that you own to the NPC by selecting the item and clicking on the button, or by double-clicking on the item. You may also sell an item by right-clicking on the item if you have enabled the 'Right Click to Sell' option.
  • To exit the Shop NPC UI, click on the button.
  • Note : The Shop NPC is only able to recall and list out the last 10 items that you have sold, so if you have accidentally sold an item you are only able to purchase it back from the NPC if it still appears in the Re-Purchase tab.

  • How to use a Storage NPC

  • Double click any Storage NPC, or activate the NPC using your assigned Hotkey.
  • Enter your 2nd Password when prompted.
  • The Storage NPC UI will be opened after correct input of 2nd password.
  • Select the item that you wish to store/keep, and click on the button, or by double-clicking on the item.
  • A small fee will be collected by the Storage NPC for storage of items.
  • Similarly, when retrieving an item, click on the button, or by double-clicking on the item.
  • Should you need more storage space, the inventory slots may be expanded by purchasing and consuming a [Storage] 8-slot Expansion Coupon from the Cash Shop. You may have up to 128 slots in your storage. Clicking on the button will bring you directly to the respective Cash Shop Tab to make your purchase.
  • Note : One-of-a-Kind items, Character-bound items, or untradeable items will not be able to be selected.