28 Oct 2016

Follow-Up Action for Urgent Server Maintenance in Aquila World

Dear Maplers,

You may have noticed that the recent Server Check on 26th October had a longer downtime scheduled than per normal. We'd like to inform everyone that this was because of server upgrading processes being done in preparation for our upcoming content update (its actually pretty big and quite epic!).

However much to our regrets, it was not a flawless operation, as seen in the aftermath of the Urgent Server Maintenance that followed hours later.

As of 1057hrs, after the brief Cash Shop maintenance on 28th October 2016, we wish to inform everyone of the following:

Additional Cube Sale

The following item will be made available again in the Cash Shop, for a very limited time this weekend for All Worlds:

image Additional Cube*

Date : Saturday, 29th October 2016

Time : from 2000hrs - 2100hrs (GMT +8)


We have also prepared some reimbursements for affected players from Aquila World, which will be addressed in the next weekly Server Check Update. Do stay tuned for more details until then.

Once again, please accept our humblest apologies for any inconveniences that have been caused.