26 Jan 2017

Investigations Regarding Suspicious Activities

Dear Maplers,

We are aware that some of your accounts may have been placed under suspension as of recently. Please be informed that the affected accounts are temporarily suspended based off a preliminary investigation involving suspicious activities going around in-game. We have since received a number of feedback from various users and would like to inform everyone to remain calm while we are handling the processes as necessary.

While we understand your confusion and perhaps frustration in this matter, we would like to inform everyone that we are continuously taking the necessary steps and measures to maintain the balance of the game so as to make it ideal and fair for everyone.

Meanwhile, we would like to urge the community to be wary of any suspicious activities that may be present in-game, and to not hesitate to report to the proper channels as accordingly.

As such, please take note that we will keep everyone posted on this matter upon conclusion of the investigations.

- MapleSEA Administrator