13 Feb 2015

Towards A Better MapleSEA

Dear Maplers,

As most of you might have already heard, a group of players amounting to more than 7000+ MapleIDs have been suspended since 9th Feb 2015.

The mass permanent suspension was implemented after investigations yielded results that showed suspicious activities. These activities have no doubt contributed to the cause of a rising unhealthy game environment in MapleStorySEA – one of which would be the meso inflation problem. This move that was carried out by us is one of the many ways that were planned to improve the situation, such as increasing patrolling hours of GMs, as well as discussions with the game developers from Nexon on developing a series of solutions for the long run.

Indeed we all can agree that the criteria of accounts being flagged up is not flawless and innocent parties will get caught up in the crossfire. We have received multiple feedback from various players indicating that they are innocent or trying to find out the reason for the block on their accounts. We have since then performed another round of investigation on those individual claims. Those that have been proven innocent were released while on the other hand, accounts that have flouted our rules to gain an unfair advantage over others have still remained in suspension. We will be constantly tweaking and be more stringent with the suspension criteria.

Some players have also questioned, why permanent ban?
We feel that in order to deter illegal activities and to uphold and improve on the integrity of the game, there was a need for the penalty to be severe.

Some players are also strongly questioning the intention of Asiasoft? Are we trying to force everyone away from the game?
Far from it, we want all our players to be able to enjoy the game under ideal and fair circumstances where everyone can thrive while enjoying their in-game experience to the fullest. We will not deny that mistakes are bound to happen time to time on our side, yet our intention will always remain – to keep hold of all our loyal supporters of MapleStorySEA while we are working on improving game services for everyone.

As such, please don’t be alarmed or feel that you are being accused of violating the game abuse policy. If you are among those mentioned above but you believe that the suspension was misdirected in your way, do write in to us via iBox and we will perform another round of investigation on a case by case basis. Do take note however, should there be further evidence that rules have indeed been flouted, we regret to inform you that we retain the rights to implement a more severe penalty on the accounts.

Please also take some time to go through the FAQs in regards to the verification process to better understand why we are basing National ID as the primary criteria for account release. It is a necessary measure and effort on our end to enforce account security and ownership by encouraging all account owners to tie in with a valid National ID so as to reduce of any excess accounts lingering in the data which could have been used and accessed by unauthorised individuals to perform undesirable activities.

Your kind understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

– MapleSEA Administrator