20 May
3 June
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Arcane River

Reverse City

In this city, where gravity is reversed by the villain T-boy, residents choose to live in their own way by hiding in the underground tracks. But in the meantime, some developed a longing for the real world... some are looking for a way back home... A huge city has been sucked in from Friends World named Reverse City.

Reverse City

RISE Pre-Registration

Have a fancy ballroom dance on us! Register your interest for Adele Class and RISE Update and receive a sparkly "May I Have This Dance?" Chair!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Pre-Registration Period

13th May ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs

Reward Claim Period

27th May 2020, After Server Check

Adele's Challenge

Enjoyed the last Haste Event? Prepare for the ultimate race with Adele and RISE to the TOP! This season's challenge is not just about Leveling, check out where else you can leave your mark! You can win by being the FIRST Adele to :

  • Reach Level 230.

  • Complete "Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients" quest.

  • Complete all Blockbuster Content (Black Heaven, Heroes of Maple, Friends Story and MONAD).

  • Complete all 3 Victoria Island Jump Quest Challenges.

*These challenges must be done on the new Adele Class.

Event Period

21st May, 0000hrs ~ 14th June 2020, 2359hrs

MapleSEA Welcomes You Back!

Returning from a long hiatus? You're not late for the party! Join Adele and return back to Maple for the greatest adventure yet, and be rewarded with a Returning Mapler Ring!

*Returning Player criteria:
- All users who have not played since 1st Sept 2019 until now.
- MapleID must be created before 0000hrs 1st May 2019.

Event Period

13th May ~ 30th June 2020, 2359hrs