Arcane River

Yum Yum Island

Beyond the Mt. Whale of Chew Chew Island, lies another island. Yum Yum Island! Uncover the truth of this new area as you discover that the area is not as natural as it seems...

Mushbud Forest

Tera BurningA

Create and play through Adele's Story and receive Mega & Tera Burning Boosters! Tera Burning Characters can receive additional rewards up to Level 210!

On-Going Event

Ends on 4th August 2020, 2359hrs

Maple Relay Returns

Stay online and participate in the Maple Relay! Meet certain conditions and be rewarded with daily exclusive rewards! Relay daily and reach the ultimate goal for an Arcaneshade Weapon Box!

Event Period

8th July, 1000hrs ~ 4th August 2020, 2359hrs

Exclusive RISE Training Shop

New Heroes, assemble! Enjoy exclusive benefits with Bryan from RISE Salon with a special RISE Training event! Exchange more items using exclusive coins from the RISE Training Shop!

*Only characters created after V195 Update is eligible to participate.

Event Period

1st July, After Patch ~ 4th August 2020, 2359hrs

Guardian Angel Event

Guardian Angels arriving from all over the world, accompanying you with your battles in Maple World! Enjoy exclusive effects such as increased rates of Star Force and Spell Trace Enhancement, as well as higher rates of Potential Tier Up and Reduced Destruction Rates!

Event Period

15th July, 1000hrs ~ 4th August 2020, 2359hrs

Ocean Siren
Guardian Angel of the Blue Dragon in the South Sea. Increase Potential Tier Upgrade Rate.
Lil White Star
Guardian Angel of the White Tiger in the East Mountain. Reduce Destruction Chance during Star Force Enhancement.
Guardian Angel of the Biggest Star in the Northern Sky. Increase Star Force Enhancement Success Rate.
Crimson Phoenix
Guardian Angel of the Flaming Bird in the Western Sky. Increase Scroll Success Rate.
20 May
3 June
1 July