Reclaim your glory and be the Savior

Skill Balancing

Skill improvements for plenty of classes!
Check out the renewed skills of Pathfinder and Xenon.

Pathfinder's New Skill - Curse Enchant
Pathfinder can now set a specific curse into their Enchant Force.
Xenon's Hologram Graffiti Improvements
Xenon's Hologram Graffiti skill has been improved with new effects!

New 5th Job Skill

Zero and Kinesis receives NEW V Skill!

Otherworldly Afterimage
Opens a portal that reflects the images of other worlds.
Receive powerful blessings from the Transcendent of Light, Life and Time.

Race to Continental Grandis

EXP requirements from Level 220 to 259 has been decreased!

EXP decreased

Star Force Update

Equipment enhancement below 15 stars will no longer decrease or be destroyed!

Arcane River Content Update

Simplified and improved Arcane River content!

Daily quests reward for Road to Extinction, Chew Chew Island, Lacheln, and Arcana has been increased!
All daily quest EXP reward have been increased! Some maps terrains have been improved!
All Special Content have been changed to weekly. Get 15 Arcane Symbol and EXP for each clear, up to 3 times per week.
Special Content: Erda Spectrum vanishing stage has been removed!
Hungry Muto has been streamlined to 1 difficulty!
Dream Breaker has been replaced with the new Midnight Chaser! Will you chase and find the hidden rag doll?
Spirit Savior defense system has been removed. Save the trapped Rock Spirits!
Arcane River Quickpath Special Content costs has been adjusted to 2,000 Maple Points.
New hunting grounds in Limen for more variety!

A Better Maple

Check out these awesome improvements!

Lacheln & Arcana Monster Park EXP Increased
Level up even faster with boosted EXP for both Lacheln & Arcana Monster Park Dungeon!
New ATT, MATT & Attack Speed Stat Details
Get a detailed value of your stats in a glance.
Equipment Inventory Equipped Items Icon
Equipped items will now display the icon in the Equipment Inventory.
Lucid's Nightmare Cooldown Duration Resistance
Bosses that are bound by Lucid's Nightmare will now display their remaining resistance duration.
Detailed Graphic Quality Option
New detailed Graphic Quality settings has been added with various customization options.
Character Silhouette
New Laboratory character silhouette option has been added. You can customize your character's display silhouette type and thickness.
Gachapon Guide
Gachapon guide will be provided upon clicking on Gachapon!

BREAK THE LIMIT! 1+2 Level Up benefits until Lv250!!
Feel your inner Maple spirit burn not once,
but burn all the way until Lv250!