6th Star Event

MapleStorySEA 18th Anniversary Offline Event

Join us in making 18 years of memories count,happening in both Singapore and Malaysia!

Event Information

FREE for all to attend, so come on down and soak in the festive energy of our 18th Birthday Celebration Miracle Moments!

MapleStorySEA Turns 18!

Unlock the full experience of our 18th Anniversary - Miracle Moments by RSVP-ing for either of the events and receive exclusive goodies!

You don't need to RSVP to attend, buttt RSVP will get exclusive goodies wor!!

Exclusive RSVP Rewards

Receive the Momentous Diary to jot down the interesting miracles that happen - take part in nostalgic games, complete simple missions, and stand a chance to take part in our very own Special Secret Safe, OFFLINE!
Rewards for the Momentous Diary can only be received by Maplers who have RSVP'ed; they include several commemorative items and exclusive in-game items!

Limited Quantities Available!

RSVP Package Bonus

Exclusive Miracles Goodie Bag
10x Carnival Tickets
Momentous Diary
Take Meows Home Chair
Refreshing Warm Mushroom Set
Commemorative Event Medal

Miracle Diary

Come on down and enjoy the event, and complete 6 special missions! Record your journey in the Momentous diary and receive various in-game rewards as well as a Lucky Draw chance and participate in our exclusive Momentous-diary-only Secret Miracle Safe!

6 missions, 6 rewards

Mission Rewards

Gigantic Bunny Mount
Ludibrium Quote/Label Ring
Hungry Giraffe Hat
Damage Skin
Jiayou! Baton Cash Weapon
Miracle Moments Title

Miracle Loot, IRL Gachapon

Let the Miracles happen with exciting carnival games that bring you down Memory Lane with super loot! Take this opportunity to spin the Gachapon IRL and win exclusive rewards!
Stand a chance to win highly-coveted top prizes including Lucid's Earrings and Maximum Growth Potions, and many many many more! Loot it all up!

Limited items will be available at random timings, don't miss it!

Limited Rewards

Lucid's Earrings
Additional +1 Star Force Scroll 30%
Maximum Growth Potion
Permanent Pets, Exclusive chairs and many more!

Miracle Loot, Lucky Draw

Every S$50/RM170 spent spent entitles you to ONE lucky draw chance, where you can walk away with attractive merchandise, and other special Lucky Draw prizes, alongside the highly coveted Breath of Divinity ring!
Choose between the daily lucky draw or the final lucky draw!

P.S: You can receive special merchandize when purchasing certain items too!

Daily Lucky Draw

Lucid's Earrings
Additional +1 Star Force Scroll 30%
Penance Ring (30 Days)
Heretic Pet Set (Perm) + Pet Equip

Final Day Lucky Draw

Breath of Divinity
Outlaw Heart
Penance RIng (30 Days)
Additional +1 Star Force Scroll 30%