NEW Moras Daily
Save Moras once more in Enheim Defense!
NEW Esfera Daily
Protect Esfera from the cracks in the rift!
Detailed Stats UI
In-depth stats now available!
Hyper Stat Presets
So much easier now with 3 slots!
NEW Hyper Stat
Normal Monster Damage %
Noblesse Skills SP UI
Save time on those clicks!
Guild Revamp
New Guild tab interface for content!
New Guild Contents
Track your contributions and guild progress here!
Boss Rewards Revamp
Loot revamp for better progress!
NEW Dynamic Boss Crystals
Weekly price updates on Boss Crystals!
NEW Monster Park Dungeon
Arcana dungeon now available with a Mini Map function revamp!
NEW Maps in Limen
Are you ready for 1,000 Arcane Force Maps?
NEW Map Bookmark Feature
Now you can save your favourite maps!
Link Skill Revamp
Daily transfer limits increased!
Item Sorting Lock
Lock items in place to prevent their sorting!
Duo Pet Skill Buff
Each pet can now buff more skills!
Seed Rings Level Display
Identify your seed rings easily now!
Party Pick-Up Rights Settings
Change between looting settings!
Chat font color changer!
You can now set your own custom chat font colors!
NEW Auction House reregister feature
Re-register all your listings with a single button!
Monster Collection Exploration Update
Cancel Exploration added, improved reward storing ability!
Monster Collection Medal Collection
Medal requirements revamped!
Running through the skies with presents in his sleigh, Santa's coming to town! And it seems like the Purrfect Rangers have found their next mission...
Exclusive limited time deals for our Prestige Guests coming this Christmas season.
Exclusively for MVP Gold and above!







Lara, a member of the Anima race from Grandis, accidentally awakens a mysterious bell from her village and acquires the power to communicate with the Nature Spirits. A long journey to fulfill her fate with the mysterious bell awaits her on December 1st.

By communicating with the Nature Spirits, Lara can identify the locations of Dragon Veins, borrow their powers and harness the different elements to be used in battle.

Lv30 Equipment Box
Decent starter pack equipment set.
Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon x4
Expand your desired inventory slots by 8.
Legendary Secret Box
A secret box known to contain a powerful equipment set.
Along the River and Mountain Title Coupon
Title with special effects of Star Force +30, All Stats+ 10, ATT/MATT +10, Max HP/MP +500 that last for 30 days.
Limited-time Root Abyss Set Box
Full set of 12 Stars Epic Root Abyss of your job that last for 90 days.
Trait Boost Potion
Increase 1 of the following traits: Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, or Charm.
Mithra's 2x EXP Coupon Box
A box blessed by Mithra that gives you 2x EXP Coupon (15mins) 5x. Coupon box items are restocked every week and can be used up to 4 times.
Charmer of Elements Title Coupon
Powerful title with special effects of All Stats +15, ATT/MATT+15, Boss Damage +10%, Ignore DEF+ 10%, Max HP/MP +750, Additional EXP +10% and Arcane Force +30 that last for 30 days.
Floating Nature Spirit and Rthul Spirit Mount Coupon
Summons Nature Spirits and travel by riding the Rthul Spirit.
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50 and Core Gemstone x20
Receive Arcane Symbol of your choice and Core Gemstone to enhance powerful 5th job skills of your job.
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50
Receive Arcane Symbol of your choice.
Core Gemstone x10 and EXP Core Gemstone x1
Use to enhance powerful 5th job skills of your job.
Absolabs Weapon Box or Dominator Pendant Box
Select between a fully 70% Spell Traced, 17 Star Unique Absolabs Weapon of your job or a fully 70% Spell Traced, 15 Star Unique Dominator Pendant.
EXP Core Gemstone x2
Powerful experience core to upgrade your V Core.
Mithra's Gift Box
Mithra box that gives you Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x10 and Core Gemstone x5. Mithra box items are restocked every week and can be used up to 8 times.