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Timeless Premium Mini-Dungeons! | 04.05

From 4th May 2011 to 18th May 2011, NPC Charlie will open up the doors of Premium Mini Dungeons once last time before the Big Change! What makes these event mini dungeons so special is that all the mobs roaming inside are dropping magical crystals which you can exchange rare items of your choice with Maple Administrator!

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How to enter Premium Mini Dungeon:

Method 1 – Quest:
Speak to Maple Administrator to gather 4 Mini Dungeon tickets and exchange for 1 Free Entrance Ticket to enter the Premium Mini Dungeon.

Method 2 – Cash Shop:
The Maple Mini Dungeon Ticket will be available in the Cash Shop until the 18th May 2011, before the start of Big Bang Patch! So hurry up and get them before they are gone! Each ticket is selling at 1,500 1000 Maple Cash, while a bundle of eleven pieces is available at 15,000 10,000 Maple Cash.

How does Premium Mini Dungeon works?
• Premium Mini Dungeon can only be access by talking to NPC Charlie. Each Mini Dungeon Ticket allows you to stay inside Premium Mini Dungeon for 10 minutes.
• Defeat the monsters to collect the Mini Dungeon Crystals and Diamonds that will trade you some amazing items like miracle scrolls and exclusive chairs! Speak to the Maple Administrator to exchange for the items of your choice.
• Please take note that you will not be able to consume any potions while you are inside the Mini Dungeon.

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Where are the Premium Mini Dungeons located?
• Alcadno Laboratory, Laboratory C-1 Area
• Herb Town, Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
• Leafre, The Dragon Nest Left Behind
• Leafre, Battlefield of Fire and Water
• Leafre, Destroyed Dragon Nest
• Ludibrium, Eos Tower 76th ~ 90th
• Sleepywood Dungeon, Cold Cradle
• Sleepywood Dungeon, Sleepy Dungeon IV
• Sleepywood Dungeon, Ant Tunnel
• Sunset Road, Sahel 2
• Victoria Road, The Rain-Forest East of Henesys

Reward Mini Dungeon Crystal Mini Dungeon Diamond Mesos
Red Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 3,500 3 100,000
Blue Spin Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 3,500 3 100,000
Fan Dance Hat Moon Bunny Cushion 3,500 3 100,000
Korean Woodwind Moon Bunny Cushion 3,500 3 100,000
Moon Star Chair 8,000 5 300,000
Miracle Scrolls with 10% stats 20,000 10 2,000,000
Miracle Scrolls with 60% stats 12,000 8 1,000,000
Mastery Books 8,000 5 500,000
Reverse Equipment 8,000 5 300,000
Timeless Equipment 15,000 10 1,500,000


– Maple Administrator

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