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Update of Mode of Payment for Penalty Fees | 04.05

Dear Maplers,

With effect from 4th May 2011, Asiasoft will implement @Cash Top-Up as a mode of payment for penalty fees officially. This will apply to all games under Asiasoft Online. The current mode of payment via bank account will cease and be replaced by @Cash payment only.

Under the new payment mode, players will no longer be required to bank-in the penalty fees, but shall pay the stated penalty amount via @Cash top-up into their respective Asiasoft Passport instead.

Players are also required to convert the @Cash into game cash.

The converted game cash will remain in the respective game’s Cash Shop and will be available for the player’s normal in-game cash shop purchases after the account has been released.

However, please note that players must verify their respective accounts with a color-scanned copy of both sides of the National ID which is registered to the related Asiasoft Passport account before proceeding to make any @Cash penalty payment.


We wish to inform all players that new mode of payment of @Cash Top-Up and cash conversion is only applicable to game account(s) restricted before 14th June 2010.

For game account(s) restricted for offenses stated in our latest Abusy Policy on or after 14th June 2010, the new payment mode will not be necessary due to the removal of all Penalty Fee option.

For further enquires on the above updated policy, please do not hesitate to drop us an iBox.

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator

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