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Big Bang Sneak Preview 2! | 05.05

Dear Maplers,

Today we will be announcing more news on Big Bang!

For this second update, we will announce the following finalized patch dates for all 3 phases of Big Bang and other related in-game features.

1. Date of Release for ALL Big Bang Updates!
2. Removal of White Scroll and other Features Permanently
3. Change in Various In-Game Systems and Contents

1. Date of Release for ALL Big Bang Updates!

As most of the Maplers are aware, there will be 3 phases for Big Bang updates and are dying to know all the dates. We will be revealing all the release dates now!
To minimize hassles that Maplers might encountered during several client patching, only 2 client patch will be required instead of 3!

Big Bang 1 – The Beginning of Changes! (Game Client Patch on 18th May 2011)

Big Bang is all set to rock the MapleSEA world with its revolutionary changes.

Like the birth of a new star, this will be an update that changes almost everything!
There will be huge changes: maps, monsters, quests, skills, EXP equation, damage equation, job balancing, resolution, UI, EVERYTHING will be different!

Big Bang 2 – Rise of the Resistance! (Server Check / Update on 25th May 2011)

Rebel Army of Edelstein!
They are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free their town at all cost!
Edelstein is now the home of the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage.
They recently came out of hiding and took over Edelstein, oppressing the citizens of Edelstein into silence while working hard to resurrect their evil lord.

What will you see in this update?

New Classes!

Join the Resistance in their struggle for freedom!
Join as a Battle Mage or Wild Hunter, by far the most versatile character classes in MapleSEA which will bring an exciting new way to game play and challenge for players looking for their next heroic experience!

One who use his staff to beat back the Black Wings and will be the first into rush into danger, placing himself between his teammates and the forces of darkness!
The other is an expert markswoman, will race to the front line of battle on her loyal Jaguar and shoot down her enemies with deadly accuracy!

New Maps!

Discover Edelstein, the home of the Black Mage! Battle the Black Wings and help destroy the infamous cult that swore to resurrect him!

New Stories!

The Black Mage, the greatest evil in MapleSEA has returned! You must confront the Black Mage’s minions as you struggle to save the world in all new storyline!

Big Bang 3 – The New Reinforcement – Mechanics! (Game Client Patch on 6th July 2011)

Who are the Mechanics?

The final piece of the 3 new classes that will be featured in Big Bang.
The Mechanics are ordinary citizens of Edelstein who will answer the call for greatness.
Lacking the talent for magic of Battle Mages or the skill with crossbow and jaguar of the Wild Hunters, the Mechanics must draw on their ingenuity and use their gifts with technology to bolster the ranks of the Resistance!
They will join the Wild Hunters and the Battle Mages and free their home from the forces of darkness!

The Mechanic is a well-balanced class that offers fun and challenge for new players and experienced Maplers as well.

2. Removal of White Scroll and other Features Permanently

Due to the changes on the system after Big Bang, the following features will be removed permanently due to incompatibility issues with the new system.

• Consumable Item – White Scroll
• Quick Delivery System and NPC Duey
• Fortune Ticket System and NPC Yaibu

Maplers having White Scroll in their inventories are advised to used them before 17th May 2011. All unused White Scroll will not be reimbursed.
• Maplers having the following cash items of Fortune Ticket and Quick Delivery Ticket are advised to used them before 17th May 2011.
• All unused Fortune Ticket and Quick Delivery Ticket will not be reimbursed.
• Consumable in-game items, Fortune No.0 to No.7 will not be removed after Big Bang Patch.

3. Change in Various In-Game Systems and Contents!

We will touch on a few changes that will happen after Big Bang in this section.

Removal of Ariant Coliseum (Competitive Content)

As the response for this competitive content (for level 20 to 30) is not well received by Maplers, this content will be removed during Big Bang.
Do not worry as there are plenty of other contents and party quests which will be retain with level restriction removed!

[Party Quest] Moon Bunny (Level 10 and above)
[Party Quest] First Accompaniment (Level 20 and above)
[Party Quest] Dimensional Crack (Level 30 and above)
[Party Quest] Forest of Poison Haze (Level 40 and above)
[Party Quest] Remnant of the Goddess (Level 50 and above)
[Party Quest] Lord Pirate (Level 60 and above)
[Party Quest] Romeo and Juliet (Level 70 and above)
[Party Quest] Resurrection of the Hoblin King (Level 80 and above)
[Party Quest] Crimsonwood Keep (Level 90 and above)
[Party Quest] Dragon Rider (Level 100 and above)
[Battle Content] Mr. Lim and the Subway (Level 25-30 only)
[Battle Content] Mu Lung Training Center (Level 25 and above)
[Battle Content] Nett’s Pyramid (Level 40 and above)
[Competitive Content] Monster Carnival (Level 30-50 only)
[Competitive Content] Monster Carnival 2 (Level 51-70 only)
[Competitive Content] Ghost Ship (Level 60-80 only)
[Theme Dungeon] Mushroom Castle (Level 30 and above)
[Theme Dungeon] Kerning Square Shopping Center (Level 30 and above)

Removal of Maps

Maplers will also be concern on which permanent map contents will be removed during Big Bang Patch to make way for future contents.
After reviewing, only 2 map contents will be removed during Big Bang as these maps are not well received by Maplers.

• Shanghai, China
• Floating Market, Thailand

– Maple Administrator

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