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Unite with your Guild members and work to build a castle you can call your own!

Guild Castle is a shared space that functions as a huge gathering spot for you and your guildmates to interact and mingle, or even host gatherings and parties!

Unlock Guild Castle content based on your energy level. Maintain or level up your Guild Energy by participating weekly missions.
Display messages about major events within the guild and Guild Castle.
Participate in weekly missions and get rewarded weekly.
Enter Guild Castle
View history of guild member mission completion status.
Guild Energy
The main source of energy to increase Guild Research completion time.
Guild Weekly Activity
Complete guild weekly mission to level up your Guild Energy and obtain weekly rewards.
Guild Research
Unlock various Guild Castle skills and enhanced rewards.
Guild Castle Room
Unlock up to 14 exclusive rooms with customizable Guild Furniture.
Guild Energy is rewarded as your guild completes weekly missions! The more members that complete the weekly mission, the more Guild Energy you will get.
Gaining Guild Energy will grant you various benefits in Researching!
Note: Guild Energy Stage and weekly missions reset every Monday.
Members Completed
Weekly Mission
Guild Energy Stage
Research Time Reduction
Weekly missions are missions that individual guild members participates individually.
The weekly mission completion count within the guild will increase as you complete Guild Castle missions to obtain various weekly rewards like Core Gemstones and Arcane Symbols!
Note: After completing the mission, you'll have an option to complete 1 additional weekly mission by spending 4,500 Maple Points.

Conduct Guild Research to unlock various skills and special abilities! The higher your Guild Energy Stage, the faster the research takes!

Note: Only the Guild Master can perform Common Research.

Unlock and customize Guild Rooms with Furniture Blueprints dropped from defeating monsters in the Cache of Greed or from Guild Research.

Each room comes with their own unique benefit and feature. Take a look at all the 14 rooms!

Guild Master Room
Obtain weekly rewards at the throne for Guild Master and Jrs!
Enhancement Altar
Enjoy the exhilarating process of Star Forcing together with your guild mates! Increased enhancement chance from Star Catch automatically applied.
Conference Room
Guild Masters and appointed members can create a conference together and summon all guild members. Systems such as a Voting Function are also available in this room.
Guild’s Library
Have a rest or read a book here. Just by relaxing here, your Traits will increase!
Supply Station
Purchase various items here, such as enhancement materials, boost potions, equipment and so on.
Guild Safe
Store various items and Mesos you would like to share with your guild members.
Training Center
Purchase a chair and sit in the Training Center to gain EXP all the way up to Level 220.
Dining Room
Indulge in an exquisite blend of fine dining and be serenaded by the enchanting melodies of piano music.
Swimming Pool
After a hot day of grind, take a dip in the pool with your guildmates.
Immerse yourself in a haven where plants change according to the seasons and savor the botanical wonders.
Living Room
Savor a cup of fine tea and engage in conversations throughout the day.
Storage Area
Do you have a lot of hard-to-treat furnitures? If so, display them here!
Party Room
Celebrate your leveling achievements or even someone’s Birthday with customizable cakes and weather effects!
Statue of a Hero
A replica statue crafted by an artisan, a commemorative piece in honor of the victory against dragons.
Opening event for Guild Castle!
Complete weekly missions with your guildmate and get a glorious statue for your Guild!
Event Period: 20th Dec 2023 (After Patch) - 2nd Jan 2024, 2359hrs

Challenge new boss modes and obtain special Exceptional Parts by defeating Extreme Mode Kalos and Carling for exceptional enhancements!

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