Christmas GalaxSEA
A New Age
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The power to control transcendental energy is in your hands. Unleash devastating power like never before with 6th Job!

Unlock the Transcendent power.
A spiritual system to manage 6th Job Skills and Stats.

HEXA Skill Core is divided into Skill Core, Mastery Core, Enhance Core and Common Core.

Skill Core
Unleash your characters ultimate potential with Origin Skills
Mastery Core
Upgrade and transform  existing 4th Job and below skills
Enhance Core
Enhance the Final Damage of your 5th Job Skills
Common Core
Unlock skills that are commonly shared across jobs
Origin Skills grant your character invincibility while casting and can inflict “Absolute Bind” on enemies.
All Origin Skills receive large boosts when reaching Level 10, 20, and 30, such as Boss Damage and Ignore Enemy Defense!
Note: Origin Skill have a separate resistance cooldown time from regular bind and Lucid’s Nightmare.
Mastery Core enhances certain existing skills up to the 4th Job Advancement with enhanced animation and damage boost!

Hexa Stat are Cores that can be enhanced to gain extra stats that increase your combat performance. Each core has 1 Main Stat and 2 Additional Stats.

Each Stat Core cannot have duplicated stats boosted within itself.
Each type of Main Stat can only be selected once.
Each type of Additional Stat can only be selected twice across every Stat Core.
These are some of the stats that you can enhance!
Critical Damage
Boss Damage
Ignore Monster DEF
Main Stat
Demon Avenger: MAX HP +42,000
Xenon: All Stat +960
1,000 / 21,000 HP / All Stat 480
Demon Avenger: MAX HP +21,000
Xenon: All Stat +480

Powerful items emerged after Maple World and Grandis have been united. Sol Erda and Sol Erda Fragments are the main sources of energy to activate and enhance powerful HEXA Skills and HEXA Stats.

10 Energy
Monster / Boss
200 Energy
Daily Quest / Monster / Boss
500 Energy
Sol Erda
1,000 Sol Erda Energy=1 Sol Erda
Event / Cash Shop
Sol Erda Fragment
Daily Quest / Monster / Cash Shop
200 Energy
Sol Erda Fragment
Inter-account transaction only
After completion of 6th Job Advancement, Sol Erda Daily Quest will be unlocked!
Upon defeating 3,000 Authentic Force Monsters, get rewarded with 600 Sol Erda Energy and 12 Sol Erda Fragments.
Note: Sol Erda Fragments can only be obtained ONCE per world per day.

Reach for stars with the biggest EXP curve reduction!

New Dungeons
Labyrinth of Suffering (Lv250+), Limen (Lv255+)
EXP Increased
For Moras, Esfera, Celestars, Moonbridge and Monster Park Extreme
Daily Quest Simplified
No more specific monsters required, reduction of required monster count as you progress in Arcane River
Arcane Symbols Rewards
All rewards from daily quests increased to 20 Symbols
New Authentic Catalyst
You can now transfer your Authentic Symbol to another character
New Honor Guarantee
Extract 5,000 Honor for a permanent tradable Union Medal of Honor
New Combination Key
Set additional shortcuts from 0-9
New Keyboard Shortcuts
Daily Quest / Event Quest
Inner Ability Stats Reset Changes
Rare Ability removed. DEF, Jump and Speed will no longer appear
Rank Changes
At Legendary rank, Rare Ability Stats will not appear at 2nd and 3rd line
Unlock ALL 25 Core Slots and 100 V Matrix Points at Lv260!
Get stronger and be ready for 6th Job at Level 260!
New Screen Resolution up to
Base and Storage Inventory Increased to
Refreshed Login Screen & BGM
Monster Collection Expanded to
Traits Growth Potion Renewed Icon
Auction House
Seed Ring Level Filter Option
The Seed Revamp
Ring boxes can no longer be obtained from The Seed. New items have been added in the Witch Shop
Ring Boxes
Special Skill Ring boxes will now drop from bosses
New Continuous Ring
Increase up to 160% Boss Damage and 12% ATT/MATT at Lv5
New Refined Ore of Life
Use to upgrade skill rings from Lv4 to Lv5
Lotus and above
Kalos / Carling
Cernium, Fallen Cernium
Hotel Arcs
Level Requirements Reduced
For Fallen Cernium, Hotel Arcs and Odium
Individual Hunting Ground
All Authentic Force maps are now instanced, with monsters spawning up to 2 people in each map at any point of time
Daily Quest Changes
Specific monsters quest replaced with any 500 area monsters! Cernium, Hotel Arcs and Odium EXP has been increased
Authentic Symbol Rewards
Cernium and Odium Authentic Symbol Rewards increased, and Symbols will now drop in ALL Authentic fields
Step into the heavenly realm of the four seasons Peach Blossom Paradise, Shangri-La
Explore 20 new hunting grounds, enjoy additional story and get new Authentic Symbol for Lv275+ players!