New Cygnus Knights

A gift for Cygnus Knights embarking on a new journey!
Knight's Pride Title Coupon
Powerful title with special effects of Star Force +30, All Stats +10, ATT/MATT +10, Max HP/MP +500 and Additional EXP +10% that last for 30 days.
Trait Boost Potion
Increase 1 of the following traits: Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, or Charm.
Mithra's 2x EXP Coupon Box
A box blessed by Mithra that gives you 2x EXP Coupon (15mins) x10. Coupon box items are restocked every week and can be used up to 4 times.
New Knight Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50, Core Gemstone x5 and Special Medals of Honor x5.
New Knight Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50 and Core Gemstone x5.
New Knight Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50 and Core Gemstone x10.
New Knight Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50 and Experience Core Gemstone x1.
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x100
Receive Arcane Symbol of your choice.
Core Gemstone x10
Use to enhance powerful 5th job skills of your job.
Unique Emblem Box
Receive a powerful Emblem of your job.

Existing Cygnus Knights

A gift for All Cygnus Knights after collecting Ignition Coins for the day!
Day 1
Jr. Shinsoo Pet Package
A 90 days Jr. Shinsoo pet with it's own Divine Blessing Hat pet equip.
Day 2
Knights Label/Quote Ring Box
An exclusive Label and Quote Ring.
Day 3
Hall of Knight Chair Coupon
Sit on a throne worthy for a Knight.
Day 4
Captain Knight Face/Hair Coupon Box
An exclusive Face and Hair Coupon.
Day 5
Damage Skin - Knights (Unit)
Show off your damage with the shining new damage skin.
Day 6
Captain Knight Costume Set Exchange Coupon
Wear the Captain Knight set with honor and dignity.

BREAK THE LIMIT! 1+2 Level Up benefits until Lv250!!
Feel your inner Maple spirit burn not once,
but TWICE all the way until Lv250!
Enter a new era of Burning!

Flame Wolf has been updated for an improved hunting experience.
Based on the amount of damage you inflicted, you will be rewarded with Adequate / Moderate / Critical rank rewards and EXP!
Below Lv199
Normal Flame Wolf
Lv200 - Lv259
Chaos Flame Wolf
Above Lv260
Extreme Flame Wolf
Bounty Hunt to the extreme!
Especia will guide you to the new Totem Slash hunt every 4th portal for heightened EXP gain.

Check out the new content and quality of life changes!

Boss Difficulty Adjustments
Normal Heretic Hilla and Chosen Serene HP and boss mechanics has been adjusted.
New Boss Bind Cooldown Duration Resistance
Bosses that are bound will now display their remaining duration bound.
Equipment Inventory Limited Timed Items Icon
Limited timed items will now display the icon in the Equipment Inventory.
Damage on Boss Monsters Potential Change
Legendary tier Damage to Boss Monsters potential lines will now only have a value of 35% or 40%
New Cash Outfit Presets
Easily swap fashion at your fingertips.
New V Matrix Enhancement Core Filters
Robust search system for enhancement cores now available!
Spell Trace Shop Bundle
More bundles available for Spell Trace purchases!
Additional Star Force Maps at Kerning Tower
Kerning Tower expansion for all your level up needs!
New Daily Quest EXP Added
Receive generous EXP for completing Daily Quests in Tenebris and Grandis regions!
EXP Coupon Item Notification
Get notified when your EXP coupon ends.
New Chat Window Timestamp Display
Timestamps can be shown for all chat messages!
Visual Improvement for Item Icons
Easier differentiation between various EXP Buff Icons and other consumable items.
Expiring Storage Item Notification
Items in the storage with less than 24h expiry will now show up in the log out notice!
Chair Tradability Changes
Certain chairs has been updated to be transferable within storage!
Cube Chairs Improvements
You can now stack up to 6 cubes in various directions.
Average Sold Price
When selecting to sell specific categories of items, the average price the item has been sold at over the past 7 days will be shown.
Auction House Quick Search History
Up to 10 most recently searched terms will be saved.
Removal of Login CAPTCHA
Ease of access!