Nov 16
Hyper Burning
Nov 16
Cygnus Remastered
Nov 16
My Home
Dec 21
Jan 25
Your very own house in MapleStory! Personalize your dream home today!

All New Furniture & Shopping!

Design your house the way you want it with furnitures from all around Maple World, collect various types of furnitures to unlock special rewards, all while you continue Mapling while your Caretaker helps you to shop for more furniture!

Daily Buffs

Chat with the Caretakers of your very own My Home daily and be closer to them!  Receive powerful buffs from them once a day to aid in your Maple journey - Increased Experience Gain, Boss Monster ATT, ATT/MATT, or Critical Rate!

Meet your neighbors

What's a home without company over? Invite your friends and family to your very own abode and host a party, or visit their home and learn more about their style! You can add homes as your neighbours for a quicker visit next time, or give the homeowners a like for their cozy home design!

Furniture Collection

Collect furnitures and fill up your Collection! Don't miss out on exclusive seasonal furnitures that can only be obtained during special events!
To the extreme! Are you the strongest of the strongest, the best of the best, the cream of the crop?
Take on the new EXTREME mode bosses and challenge yourself in Black Mage and Chosen Serene once more!
Moras, Esfera, Celestars, and Moonbridge Monster Park dungeons added. Monster Park Extreme for Level 260 and above players have also been added for renewed party play experience and great EXP! Improved existing Monster Park dungeons with adjusted level requirements and improved terrain.
Enjoy Hyper Ignition and New Year Event
Celebrate the new year with Blake and Orchid.
Hunt monsters around your level to unlock exclusive rewards!