bandoned by his family, a little boy was left to wander alone to brave the harsh and unforgiving weather in the mountains of El Nath. The Elders from the Tower of Magicians found him half-buried in the snow during a blizzard and took him under their care. As an apprentice, he learned fast and soon surpassed his teachers’ skills and knowledge. "A magical prodigy", they called him, unaware then, that he will bring forth the destruction of the world.

He used Light Magic during his coming-of-age ceremony, and was reproached by the Elders as the study of Light Magic was forbidden in the land. Displeased, he questioned their right to decide what was forbidden and what wasn't.

That same night, the Elders gathered and used their powers to peer into the future. They were horrified to learn that the world would be destroyed if the boy continued to explore the use of Light Magic. They planned to take him by surprise and kill him, but he was ready for them and easily overpowered them. He then vowed to let Maple World know and embrace Light Magic instead of shunning it.

Travelling across Maple World, he used Light Magic to save people from monster attacks. He earned himself the moniker of the ‘White Mage’; both for his use of Light Magic and for his crowning glory of platinum white hair. He became a renowned magician whom the people saw as their saviour. He later opened a research laboratory- Aurora, and published many books.

Despite his many accomplishments, he was still unsatisfied as he has yet to attain true enlightenment. He believed he could free the world from all imperfections with the brightest of light; Ultimate Light.

The White Mage began to research Dark Magic. He believed it to be the key to finding Ultimate Light. Engulfed in his quest, he began to grow more and more reclusive.

Not wanting to be disturbed, he locked himself away in his laboratory, determined to complete his research. As time went on, he made a shocking discovery and was immensely disappointed. He learned that there was no ultimate light. Where there is light, there is always darkness.

Angered and refusing to accept the truth of his impossible dream to perfect the world, he cast away his light and allowed himself to embrace the power of Dark Magic. In that moment, he awoke as the Dark Transcendent of Light.

He left the Forest of Peace, intent on destroying Maple World, but not before decimating the Great Tower of Aurora and all its mages, thus earning himself a new name; the Black Mage.

ong ago, there were twin sisters who possessed the powers of a Transcendent. One had the power of darkness and destruction, while the other had the power of light and creation. Only one could be the Transcendent of Light, and so Aiona, who could hear a 'voice' in addition to her power of darkness, was chosen. After Aiona used her power to destroy seven of Grandis' races, her twin sister Tana kills her and becomes the new Transcendent.

But Tana refused to bear the title. She left Grandis and eventually reached Maple World. There, she survived the tragedy of Kritias but lost all her memories. King Hekaton was keen to find the source of Tana’s immortality, so that he too could live forever. Hekaton’s High Priest, Arkarium led the research and performed countless of inhumane experiments on Tana. After a disaster that left Hekaton cursed forever, Arkarium received instructions from the Black Mage to bring Tana to him. But Arkarium wanted to claim Tana's power for himself and began another ritual to transfer her powers to him. However Tana, having regained full control of her powers, defeated Arkarium.

The Black Mage then sent Will to capture Tana. He finds her in Esfera and transforms her into a white sun. Will then fused the white sun with the black moon in a ritual that would allow the Black Mage to possess the powers of both light and darkness. And so, the Black Sun was created, looming over Esfera.

Esfera was turned into a sea of destruction with whirlpools rising toward the merged sun and moon, chains shackling it down to the sea. What the Hero never knew was that chains were gradually appearing across Maple World while they were traveling across the Arcane River, pulling the world towards the river.

eanwhile, in Maple World…

Empress Cygnus was tormented with recurring nightmares of the White Mage. In her visions, she saw the future path of the White Mage and how he would bring total annihilation to the world they all knew and loved. Along with Nineheart’s discovery of the Scroll of Prophecy in Black Mage's Laboratory in Magatia, Empress Cygnus knew that it was time for war. She created a powerful battleship called the White Spear, and initiates an Alliance against the Black Mage by sending an invitation to heroes from across Worlds to join her in her cause.

Warriors of Maple World embarked on the White Spear, raring to go. Everyone had to pitch in to protect the peace of Maple World. If the Black Mage was left to his devices, the world that they know and love will be utterly destroyed. Together with his Legion of Commanders paving the way for his resurrection, the Black Mage’s plan is nearing completion.

The Alliance was formed, with Empress Cygnus at its center. The Empress will no longer sit back and watch the world be brought to its ruin. Let us all put an end to the darkness, together. White Spear, onward!

he path to the Black Mage is not as simple as routing the White Spear in a straight course. The entire area was enveloped in a fog that never lifted. As the Alliance made its way slowly on course despite the low visibility, it happened. The Alliance was ambushed by monsters, with giant chains ensnaring ships whole. Destruction ensued. The whole fleet, save for the White Spear and its immediate surrounding airships, were swept up by the dark energy of a huge monster with chains. Courage turned to fear. Wounds could be healed, but this depressing morale could never be reversed. Empress Cygnus had to make a decision.

Under the command of Empress Cygnus, an operation went underway to recover the missing, and preparations were made to face the beast known as Dusk. With the help of external forces from Grandis, the search for survivors and shipwrecks took place. The next attack would happen 12 hours later. Every second was precious.

With new information at hand, the White Spear advanced under the protection of Shinsoo, which Empress Cygnus provided cover for. All seemed to be going according to plan as the Alliance recouped its losses and recovered soldiers and knights, until Shinsoo’s shield took a direct hit. Empress Cygnus was gripped with fear and once again brutally reminded of the Alliance’s prophesized demise.

And it was then, where she was reminded of all the sacrifices that brought them to this point. Empress Cygnus called upon her desires to protect the Alliance, providing the Warriors of Maple World the opening they needed. A decisive blow to Dusk’s Core. But the journey was far from over.

he fleet advanced steadily but warily. The Alliance suffered a costly win, with many soldiers wounded. Empress Cygnus herself joined the battle to protect her people. All warships were headed towards the Black Sun… but all of a sudden, darkness fell over. Communications were cut, and there was no way of knowing the positions of other allied ships, leaving them coldly in the dark. The ship would inevitably lose their bearings, and it wasn’t long before it crash landed.

The warship crashed into a seemingly endless and vast labyrinth, with no source of light coming through. With the warship damaged beyond repair, the survivors had no alternative but to make camps and pray for help to arrive. The survivors were split up and assigned to explore the surrounding area for a way out... only to be lost forever to the darkness of the Labyrinth.

As they ventured deeper into the Labyrinth, it felt like they were walking in circles. One by one, they were separated— until the hero of the alliance was all alone. The Hero of the Alliance was frozen in guilt and doubt. Was it the hero's fault that his teammates were gone? Was it arrogance? Was it fear? Would any more soldiers perish because of his incompetence?

"You can't get away, no matter how hard you try. You're already neck deep in the swamp." The voice of doubt echoed through the Hero’s mind. There must be a way out! A way to save everyone! The Hero pushed forward, further into the depths of darkness until a ray of hope— a female Alliance member was found, bound and unconscious. She seemed to be another survivor from a different warship. With a newfound conviction that not all hope is lost, a new path has opened.

As they ventured deeper into the Labyrinth, they spotted even more soulless casualties from the Alliance. They transformed into the very monsters populating the Labyrinth, the very monsters looking to trap the Hero of the Alliance in the Labyrinth— forever.

The female survivor has been manipulating everything from the shadows in the beginning. Taking advantage of the Hero’s self-doubt and endless feeling of helplessness, she revealed her true self.

Hilla. Heretic Hilla. Her true purpose of creating the Labyrinth was to harvest the souls of trapped Alliance Members as and to keep the Archenemy trapped in their own mind, never to reach the Black Mage.

A mysterious masked person that previously saved the Hero in Esfera appeared again to save the Hero from Heretic Hilla’s grasp. With words of courage and wisdom, Hero gathered him mind and pushed through to the deepest areas of the Labyrinth, where Heretic Hilla awaited.

With an insatiable thirst for immortality and undying beauty, she swore fealty to the Black Mage in exchange for it. Just what powers adorn her everlasting beauty?

The battle was over in a blink of an eye. Heretic Hilla harnessed the powers of necromancy and summoned the once-dead Damien and Lotus in the fight. It was never the Archenemy’s fight to win. The Archenemy, unmotivated and lost, fell unconscious. It was then, that the memories and true purpose of the Hero of the Alliance was reignited. “What am I fighting for? Everyone could not be dead. Everyone was right here with us.” Maybe, just maybe, the Hero of the Alliance took on too much responsibility. Instead of fighting for everyone’s safety, it would have been enough to fight for their own sake.

With a calm mind, the Archenemy headed into battle again and broke the spell on Hilla, causing her to lose her beauty and immortality. Instantly, Hilla was defeated, and devastated. It was the end of her endless desires. With that, the actual source of the labyrinth was revealed, and destroyed forever.

he core of the Labyrinth has been destroyed, and the Labyrinth of Suffering disappeared to reveal the World’s Tear. A waterfall area, filled with the fundamental existence of life, with creatures born by themselves from their strong power of creation.

The Ritual of a New World always required 3 things: The Power of Creation from Aiona, The Power of Destruction that the Black Mage already has in himself, and lastly, highly pure Erda in large amounts to form a sea, akin to the Arcane River itself.

The Arcane River was only formed due to the unification of three worlds due to the absence of Transcendents. The Black Mage voluntarily got sealed by the Heroes of Maple centuries ago to prepare for this moment, for his dream to come true.

Throughout the years, the Black Mage orchestrated his downfall. He foresaw the betrayal of the commanders, the raid from the Heroes of Maple. Everything that seemed like a failure at that time, was actually intended. The fate has already been decided.

And so, the Black Mage sits in the Black Sun, at the source of the waterfall.

A difficult path awaits. The Black Mage’s ambitions were clear to all. The destruction of Maple World, and the creation of a new world in its stead. The Hero found out that the Black Mage will create the Egg in the Beginning, which will erase the current world and give birth to a new one on top of it. The Hero has to destroy the Egg in the Beginning to stop the Ritual of a New World once and for all.

The stage is set. With everyone supporting the Hero, they finally conquered the Light of Doom and suppressed the attacks from the giant.

Attacks were intercepted, elite forces were doing their best. The Hero fought valiantly, but not before the Egg in the Beginning started to manifest. The Black Mage was weakened, but it would have all been for naught if he managed to return to the Egg in the Beginning. The Hero had to destroy it, and fast.

To destroy the Egg in the Beginning, the Hero had to tap into the power of the Archenemy, sacrificing himself in the process.

"Did you think you defied the path? You will disappear, failing to bring out the power of the Archenemy. That's your fate, and the set future."

Everything was predestined. Including this. The Black Mage disappeared into the Egg in the Beginning, and the Hero was at a loss. After all this time, and the Hero never managed to step off the predetermined path of destruction. However, a soft calming voice could be heard when all was bleak.

"-this world does not want to disappear, and would never want to help someone willing to sacrifice themselves."

The World nor the Alliance ever wanted the Hero’s sacrifice. One could even put their sacrifice as selfishness. The desires of everyone in Maple World was a stronger power than the Power of the Archenemy. The Hero finally understood Tana’s words, and finally understood the true meaning of defying fate. The Hero of the Alliance desired to live.

Imbued with the desires of all Maplers, along with the true desire of the Archenemy— no, the Hero of the Alliance, the Goddess Statues were able to manifest a strong energy beam and direct it into the heart of Black Mage.

Confident with their victory, the White Spear, flagship of the Alliance, rushed to the Giant’s Heart - but the Black Mage was no more.

The battle fiercely fought. The desires of every Maple World resident heard. The Alliance was successful in destroying the Egg in the Beginning. And the Hero has aptly earned the title as the Conqueror of Fate.

But the battle was not over.