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Road of Extinction

Traverse beyond the Gate of Present and discover the Arcane River. Behold the new power that flows within you and you start your quest towards the Black Mage in this “Road to Extinction”.

Chew Chew Island

As the journey comes to an abrupt stop along the Arcane River, find out what's going on and join the quirky villagers of the island in facing the looming crisis at hand to continue your way over the island of “Chew Chew”.


The perfect dream filled with fun and joy, the party never stops. Discover the truths behind the festival and the deadly land known as “Smile”.


After escaping the everlasting dream of Lacheln, enter the Mystical Forest of Arcana. It is up to you to save the once pure and blissful forest now threatened by dark spirits and corruption. Reclaim the song of the forest in the forest of “Arcana”.


Bittersweet memories take on all shapes and sizes. Experience through these memories of the mysterious figure at the end of your Arcana journey in the Swamp of Memories dubbed, “Moras”.


The Black Moon appears above the skies and an eclipse is inbound. Unravel the mysteries of this sinister occurrence and fight your way through the evils within reflections upon the waters of “Esfera”.

Gathering of Heroes

The Tenebris Expedition to defeat the Black Mage begins!


As the Black Sun and the White Moon merges, the Maple Alliance prepares to battle the Black Mage in this journey of fate. Sail on the White Spear and pierce the fog towards the final battle, on the road of “Moonbridge”.

Labyrinth of Suffering

As the Maple Alliance enters the Black Sun, the mysterious fog fills the air even more dense than before. The Maple Alliance finds themselves within ever changing walls filled with cries of despair and agony. Are you game enough to survive the “Labyrinth of Suffering”?


The Genesis Ritual to destroy all worlds and create a new one is just about to begin. As the fate of the axis is now twisted, the final battle with the Black Mage is deemed inevitable. Face off with the Black Mage and rise towards glory that will be recorded in the chapter of “Limen”.

The Day After

The long war against the Black Mage drew to a conclusion, the Maple Alliance had triumphed and celebrations were to be made. Little did they know, the after effects of the loss of Transcendental beings. What fate lies for the Maple World, beyond The Day After?