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Dear Maplers,


Pink Bean will be giving out FREE GACHAPON TICKETS to everyone for a limited time period only!

Gachapon Tickets Giveaways Details

  1. Redemption period only from 30th March 2011, after Server Maintenance to 4th April 2011, 1500hrs (+8 GMT).
  2. 1 X Gachapon Ticket will be give to the first character of each class category of existing maple game accounts that access cash shop.

    1. Adventurer
    2. Knight of Cygnus
    3. Aran
    4. Evan
    5. Dual Blade

  3. A maximum of 5 X Gachapon Tickets will be given to every existing maple game accounts if you have all 5 category classes.
  4. The FIRST character of each class category regardless of which world servers in EACH GATEWAY that access Cash Shop will be able to redeem the gachapon tickets.
  5. Once the character access Cash Shop, 1 X Gachapon Ticket will be inside Cash Item Wardrobe. You are required to transfer them to Item Inventory immediately.
  6. New Maple game accounts or characters created on 30th March 2011 and after 30th March 2011 will not be eligible for the free gachapon tickets.

Do not let go of this chance to get up close and personal with Pink Bean by collecting Pink Bean’s Chocolates!

– Maple Administrator

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