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April's Fool Day 2011! GM Event! | 30.03

Dear Maplers,


GM have played a trick amongst all Maplers!

He is hiding somewhere in one of the 6 given locations. Find the GM and surprise him to stand a chance in winning Chaos Scroll.

Sounds too easy? Here’s the catch, in order to win players will required to equip him/herself with Pinocchio’s nose image and Blue or Red Sporty Cap image image.

GM will select the first 5 Maplers with the correct attire that reach him at the correct venue as winners!
Who will it be? Join in the fun and you could be one of the lucky winner!


1 X Chaos Scroll image

Event Date:

1st April 2011

Event Schedule

World/Timing1930hrs – 2000hrs2000hrs – 2030hrs2030hrs – 2100hrs
Bootes EVENT 
Cassiopeia  EVENT
Delphinus / EridanusEVENT  
Fornax / Gemini EVENT 
Hercules  EVENT

Event Details

  1. This event will be held in game.

  2. It will be held at chl 10, Victoria Island.

  3. 6 locations from Victoria Island will be announced once the event starts.

  4. GM will only be located in one of the location.

  5. First 5 characters in the correct attire to find the GM in the correct location will be announced the winners.

  6. There will be 5 winners from each world.

Rules & Regulations
• Players may choose to use any character in the event.
• Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc. will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
• Players found to be disrupting the event progress will be banned 7 days for event disruption.
• The GM’s decision will be final and binding.

– MapleSEA Administrator

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