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Make new friends as you navigate the battlegrounds, and experience
an immersive storyline with various quests and missions!

Join the brave heroes in the endless battle against dark forces.

Endless adventures await in the world of MapleStory!

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Set monsters aflame with powerful fiery magic, or put them in the Spotlight with a concert from the Battle Idol, Angelic Buster herself!

Every character is unique and possess a great arsenal of abilities and skills.

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Evil is lurking around every corner, party up and alliance with your newfound friends to become an unstoppable force!


New Player Bonus

Create a character and reach Level 30 by 29 March 2020 to receive a New Player Bonus Package worth SGD $25, with items to help kickstart your journey as a young and budding adventurer!

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  • MapleSEA passport account must be created between 13 March and 29 March 2020.
  • The email provided in this form must be the same as the email you have used to register for MapleSEA passport account.
  • Each MapleSEA passport account is only eligible to receive ONE package regardless of the number of characters that reach level 30.

Note: The New Player Bonus Package will be emailed to your registered email within 3 working days of your character reaching level 30.