Fulfill your Destiny
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A New Destiny, the Explorer Remastered.

All 14 Explorers have been remastered, with new flashy skills and new skill designs. Experience the new dawn that beholds them!
A gift for Explorers embarking on a new journey!
Explorer's Dream Title Coupon
Powerful title with special effects of Star Force +30, All Stats +10, ATT/MATT+10, Max HP/MP +500 and Additional EXP +10% that last for 30 days.
Trait Boost Potion
Increase 1 of the following traits: Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, or Charm.
Mithra's 2x EXP Coupon Box
A box blessed by Mithra that gives you 2x EXP Coupon (15mins) 10x. Coupon box items are restocked every week and can be used up to 4 times.
Explorer's Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x50 and Core Gemstone x20.
EXP Core Gemstone x3
Powerful experience core to upgrade your V Core.
Explorer's Support Box
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x100 and Core Gemstone x30
EXP Core Gemstone x3
Powerful experience core to upgrade your V Core.
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon
Selective Arcane Symbol Coupon x200
Receive Arcane Symbol of your choice.
Absolabs Weapon Box or Dominator Pendant Box
Select between a fully 70% Spell Traced, 17 Star Unique Absolabs Weapon of your job or a fully 70% Spell Traced, 15 Star Unique Dominator Pendant.
Unique Emblem Box
Receive a powerful Emblem of your job.
20k Maple Points Coupon
Ka-Ching! YES! Free 20,000 Maple Points.
A gift for all Explorers after collecting Melody Coins for the day!
Day 1
Mini Sugar Pet Package
A 90 days Mini Sugar pet with it's own Maple Leaf Hairpin pet equip.
Day 2
Explorer's Dream Label/Quote Ring Box
An exclusive Label and Quote Ring.
Day 3
Explorer's Dream Damage Skin
Show off your damage with the shining new damage skin.
Day 4
Maple Leaf's Blessing Coupon
A Maple Leaf' Blessing effect behind your character.
Day 5
Explorer's Friends Face/Hair Coupon Box
An exclusive Face and Hair Coupon.
Day 6
Goddess's Blessing Costume Set Exchange Coupon
Shine bright with the full Goddess's Blessing set.
Starlight Symphony
May 25
Explorer Remastered
May 25
Gatekeeper Kalos
June 29

New Boss of Dawn Set

A new set for the finest Maplers!

Penombre Mark
Estella Earrings
Daybreak Pendant
Divine King Ring of Dawn
Heretic Hilla
Chosen Serene

New Boss Difficulties

Easy Will, Normal Heretic Hilla, and Normal Chosen Serene has been added!

Heretic Hilla
Chosen Serene

A Better Maple

Check out the new content and quality of life changes!

New Divine King Ring Set Conversion Scroll
Convert your Divine King Ring to the Boss of Dawn Set.
Boss of Darkness Set Effect Revamp
Power up with the new set effect for 6th, 8th and 9th set!
Bosses Daily Challenge Increased
Bosses daily challenge count increased up to 3 times per day!
Improved Dusk Boss Pattern UI
Easier differentiation of Zombify, Curse and Stun mechanics.
New Black Mage Practice Mode
Get to know the boss pattern and challenge the Black Mage himself!
New Sprout Potion
Take a sip of the brand new Sprout Potion available at the General Stores.
New Quick Move Feature
Add your favorite maps and monsters to quick move.
Maple Guide Revamp
Get rewarded as you level up and travel around continents at ease.
New Story Quest Skip Feature
You can now skip prequests for Arcane River and Lv260+ areas!
5th Job Advancement Simplified
Zoom through 5th Job Advancement quest!
New V Matrix Select All Feature
Enhance your cores with just one click of a button!
New Spell Trace Scroll
30% All Stats Scroll has been added.
Arcane Symbols Changes
All Arcane Symbols level up cost reduced. Demon Avenger and Xenon's symbols stat increased!
Lv250 to Lv259 EXP Curve Reduced
Cumulative EXP required to level up from Lv250 to Lv259 has been reduced by 16%!
New Keyboard Shortcuts Presets
Customize and switch up to 3 keyboard layout of your choice instantly!
New Skill Buff Duration Counter
Display skill buff duration and cooldown at a glance.
New Normal Monster Damage stat
Maple Union Stance has been replaced with Normal Monster Damage.
New Skill Alarm Feature
Get notify when you skills are off cooldown.
Damage Skin Slot Increased
Not enough damage skin slots? We know!
New Chat Shortcuts Feature
Save your favorite tagline with a click of a button.
Improved Cash Shop
An improved UI font for better, clearer readability and new Preview options added.