What's new in Bliss?

Elevate your gameplay experience with a newly revamped comprehensive character info UI. Dive into your character's info or explore other players' info now!

A Better Maple

A series of highly anticipated quality-of-life improvements to enhance your gameplay, along with exciting new story content.

Princess Nou Boss Revamp
Challenge yourself in the newly improved 5-stage boss battle!
Hieizen Sengoku 2 Dungeon
Difficulty has been eased so that you can deal more damage to different jobs minion, and only same jobs deal weaker damage.
Princess Nou Boss Revamp
Unlock the ability to acquire all 5 Profession skills with no reduction in Meister Rank.
Maximum fatigue increased to 500 with decreased fatigue consumption
Increased drop rate of Confusion Fragment from Arkarium boss
Profession Revamp
Gate to the Future Revamp
New Side Story for Carcion
Special Rate Increased
When merging monsters, special rank monster has been increased to 15% for Rank A+, 10% for S Rank, and 5% for SS Rank.
Increased Waru Collection
All buildings maximum Waru storage limit increased by 400%
Waru Currency
Certain shop items and monster lifespan extension, formerly requiring Gems has been changed to Waru.
Monster Life Improvements
Maintain Noblesse Guild Skills buff effect even during disconnection
Sewers retry feature and scarecrow added
Flag Race laps reduced to 1, conditions adjusted
Consumable now up to 9,999
Power Elixir, Reindeer Milk, Sunset Dew, All Cure Potion, Suspicious Cube and Suspicious Addition Cube
Authentic Symbols Daily Quest
Authentic Symbol reward will be in the form of a coupon
Improved exit experience for Horntail, Pink Bean and Cygnus bosses
Improved Sol Erda UI
New Graphic UI Size option added
Pixel perfect for 1920x1080 resolution or higher
Removal of Storage NPC usage fee

Embark on a Minar Picnic with Chief Tatamo of Leafre and get rewarded with abundance of rewards. Create an exclusive Nostalgic Bracelet and enjoy My Home Lunar New Year! Head over to the Event Notes for more info!

Event Notes