Dear Maplers,

As we gear up and plan for future contents, we also want to ensure that you get to play and experience MapleStory in the best way possible. Hence we'd like to bring to you:

MapleSEA's Voice of Maplers (VoM) Project!

We'd like to hear your feedback regarding MapleSEA, from the gameplay mechanics all the way to the wide variety of events. If you have ideas on events and/or activities that you'd love to see in MapleSEA, then this would be the best opportunity for you to voice it out to us!

Come and share with us what you're most interested in, and we'll review our ideas! We are committed to constantly evaluating and improving the gameplay for all Maplers, so you'll never know, we might just consider your input while structuring upcoming contents and updates!

So to proceed on with this, we would like to seek your cooperation by taking a few moments of your time to provide your feedback through the form below.

Be mindful that you will not see the changes or implementation of your suggestions reflected in the game immediately. Rest assured however, that all feedback and suggestions will be reviewed and evaluated by us.