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Pre-registration period:

15th May - 2nd June 2019, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Reward redemption period:

5th June 2019

All pre-registered accounts will be eligible for the following items:

Upon achieving 20,000 pre-registers, the ultimate reward tier will be unlocked!

These rewards will be given only to those who pre-register on this page.

How to participate

  • Pre-register with a valid MapleID (what you use to log into the game) and authentic e-mail address here from now until 2nd June 2019, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

  • Pre-registration has closed

  • Log in anytime by 2nd June 2019, 2359hrs (GMT+8) to qualify for prize redemption
  • Reward coupons will be sent to you by 5th June 2019

  • Failure to log in by 2nd June 2019, 2359hrs will result in rewards being forfeited

Pathfinder job introduction

The Pathfinder is a curious adventurer, drawn toward the discovery of ancient relics. While on an expedition, they’re cursed by an ancient power. This curse allows them to use an exclusive weapon; the Ancient Bow.

As an archer with the Ancient Bow, their unique feature is linking three basic archery skills in battle to charge up their Relic Gauge.

Once fully charged, Pathfinders can unleash their powerful Ancient Force skills. Some of these skills can be further enhanced with special characteristics of the basic archery skills.

Be the Pathfinder

Adventure events

Tera Burning

  • Don't miss out on your chance to level your character to 200 three times as fast with Tera Burning!

Secret forest of Elludin theme dungeon

  • A strange sound came from the uninhabited southern forest of Ellinia!
    Send your level 30-59 character to investigate. Monsters and quest EXP will scale to your level
Skill changes

  • Rebalancing of characters’ skills and metas
  • Emphasis placed on certain class characteristics
  • Additional info can be found in the patch notes
SG/MY Map revamp

  • SG/MY monster maps changed to Starforce maps
  • Accessibility changes
  • Monster level adjustments
  • And more!

Terms and Conditions

  • Pre-registration event date is from 15th May 2019 1200hrs to 2nd June 2019 2359hrs (GMT+8)

  • Item codes will be sent to the player’s email address registered to their MapleSEA Passport ID and matching the submitted Maple ID. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their registered email address is active and accurate

  • Each MapleID can only receive the reward once

  • Reward codes will only be sent to the registered email address tagged to valid MapleIDs. Examples of invalid MapleIDs include, but are not limited to, are accounts created and used for malicious intents such as amassing reward codes, or accounts that are under an active suspension status at the time of crediting the rewards

  • PlayPark and Nexon Korea Corporation reserve all rights to amend or change any of the above conditions and/or rewards without prior notice

  • All decisions by PlayPark and Nexon Korea Corporation are final and binding