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The Golden Exchange Event! | 21.03

Dear Maplers,


Exchange 3 X Event Trophy image for a Golden Seal Cushion image with GMs in Golden Exchange Event!

   Prize   1 X image

Total of 6 Winners in Each World!

Event Date25th March 2011

Event Timing

WorldEvent Timing
Aquila1900hrs – 2000hrs
Bootes1900hrs – 2000hrs
Cassiopeia2000hrs – 2100hrs
Delphinus / Eridanus1900hrs – 2000hrs
Fornax / Gemini2000hrs – 2100hrs
Hercules2000hrs – 2100hrs
Izar1900hrs – 2000hrs

Event Details

  1. This event will be held in game in at Channel 11 of each world.

  2. When the event starts, a clue will be broadcast to all during the event period on the exact GM’s map location.

  3. Maplers are to try to locate the GM and beat him at a game of Omok to be announce the eligible for the exchange.

  4. First two characters to locate the GM and win him/her in a game of Omok in each location will be teleport to Winner’s Map to trade 3 X Event Trophy with GM’s Event Assistant character for the prize.

  5. Characters that do not have 3 X Event Trophy will not be be eligible to exchange for the the prize and will be disqualify.

  6. GM will be locate at 3 different locations. Each location will have 2 winners. Once two winners are announced for the first and second locations, GM will shift to the next location and a new clue will be broadcast again on the GM’s exact location.

Rules & Regulations
• Players may choose to use any character in the event.
• Each character is allow to be event winner once for this event.
• Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc. will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.
• Players found to be disrupting the event progress will be banned 7 days for event disruption.
• The GM’s decision will be final and binding.

– MapleSEA Administrator

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