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Our Blessings to Japan | 15.03

Dear Maplers,

Five days have passed since a magnitude 9 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan on Friday, 11th March 2011.

The earthquake triggered destructive tsunami waves of up to 10 meters (33 feet) high, overwhelming Japan within minutes and leaving its people with no time to react.
The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Japan across 16 prefectures, leaving thousands to tens of thousands of people dead or missing.

Many parts of the world have given their silent well wishes to the people of Japan, but we hope for more vocal blessings for those who are affected by this devastation.

Let us all extend our sincere blessings to the victims who have suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as well as to their loved ones, under a forum thread.

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– MapleSEA Administrator

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