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[Update] Big Hedward is back with Experimental A Hair Coupon 3! | 06.04

Dear Maplers,

Big Hedward Prince of the Big Head Society is back looking for more Maplers who are daring to try out some new experimental hairstyles!

Find him and let him hone his skill on your hair with brand new never seen before hairstyles that would make you the envy of your friends! You can be sure that they will will be attention grabbing, as no one can style better then the Prince of the Big Head Society!


Purchase an Experimental A Hair Coupon image from Cash Shop and hand it to him. He will style your hair with one of the following hairstyles:


Visit Big Hedward and get your unique new hairstyle now, because his service ends on the 6th April 2011!


Due to popular demands, Experimental A Hair Coupon will be on sales for a further 2 more weeks until 20th April 2011!

-MapleSEA Administrator

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