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Easter GM Event : Master Where is My Egg? | 21.04

Dear Maplers,


Easter is approaching and Neru the pet trainer stole all the easter eggs in MapleSEA for his army of pets!
Maplers! GM needs your help in getting back all the Easter Egg! Will you help the GM? Fantastic reward await to those who offer their help!


Total of 5 winners will receive the following prize from each world.

1 X Premium Service Coupon image 

Event Schedule

Timing / Date23rd April 201124th April 2011
1400hrs to 1445hrsHerculesDelphinus / Eridanus
1500hrs to 1545hrsCassiopeiaIzar
1600hrs to 1645hrsFornax / GeminiBootes
1900hrs to 1945hrsAquila 

Event Details

  1. This event will be held in game.
  2. It will be held at Ludibrium, Pet Walkway, random channels. The “correct channel” will be announced in game during the event. For Event Timing please refer to the chart above.
  3. Maplers are to race against each other to the top of the Pet Walkway where NPC Neru is.
  4. 5 Maplers that reach GM first will be announce as winners. GM will be located next to NPC Neru.
  5. Obstacles will be set along the Pet Walkway to the top to add to the difficulty of the event.

Rules & Regulations

• Players may choose to use any character in the event.

• Each character can only win this event once.

• Players who use hack, offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc. will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.

• Winner are advised to stay online and receive the prize redemption codes from GM at the end of the whole event.

• The GM’s decision will be final and binding.

- MapleSEA Administrator

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