The Day After
- 13th Nov 2019 -
The Empress calls for you, an elite and indispensable warrior for Maple World's Peace.
Join the ranks of Glorion today!
Spunky Sage 'Ho Young'
- 16th Nov 2019 -
All-new Anima race Thief! Join the Spunky Sage on his journey as he wields extraordinary Magic from the Celestial World!
- 27th Nov 2019 -
Far from the conflict, between the Black Mage and the Alliance… after the war has been concluded. The sense of uneasiness is still lingering in and around Grandis.
The Chosen One
- 2nd Jan 2020 -
It is finally time for Cernium's last story.
Facing an impending crisis, will there still be hope for Cernium..?
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